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her chin look like a swollen testicle
Hey now, @Piga Dgrifm can pull off the swollen scrote chin.

Otherwise, this person doesn't seem that out of the ordinary for its "breed." Maybe I've been around Tumblr for too long, but I don't see anything that stands out about Jabba the Hendrix. There's been so many fat e-begging trannies that claim 500 different illnesses that I'm not seeing anything exciting about this one, besides it being supersized.

The intersex claim is interesting, because I don't see any posts about being on HRT, leading me to wonder if xie's facial hair is "natural" or being artificially induced. I got a lot of Amanda Baggs vibes from Hugo, especially regarding the massive blubber and facial hair. Claiming intersex might look better than PCOS for the Tumblr crowd

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"India nigger retard doctor"
So as one is want to do, I was browsing Instagram with Japanese hashtags of offensive shit. I searched the Japanese word for "nigger" (ニガー) and, interestingly, other hashtags starting with that were suggested as well, with ニガーズハウス ("nigger's house") catching my eye. That led me to this beautiful picture:

As I dug deeper into this Instagram account, it led me down a rabbit hole of a subculture I didn't know existed: Japanese people in Fukuoka LARPing as black people. The first one that caught my eye was the rapper Nally. You can check out his prodigious rapping skills in his song about Burberry (the brand) on his YouTube page.

Epitomizing this group is our lolcow herself, Mayuko Yoshii (芳井万由子) aka BlaccPrideBraids_Mayu (henceforth referred to as Mayu). [EDIT: She changed her business name to High Life Braids (RIP Blacc Pride Braids) and is now HighLifeBraids_Mayu on Instagram.] As her Instagram name implies, she owns an African hairbraiding salon in Fukuoka, Japan, called Blacc Pride Braids (archived FB page). My first thought was how this business stays afloat, but as the first pic shows, there are seemingly tons of trashy Japanese people in Fukuoka willing to degrade themselves in the name of style. Check out some examples of Mayu's handiwork.

Mayu's style and subculture is what's known in Japan as "B-kei" (B系), meaning "black people style". This leads to some hilariously bad fashion choices.

Her obsession with imitating (her conception of) black people leads to a recurring pose of her with her ass sticking out.

What's even more fascinating to me, though, is how she decorates her salon. She has all of these bizarre American things like Bratz and Barbie dolls and California Raisins stuff even.

But my favorite reoccurring motif of hers is her love for the Green M&M. Yes. The sexy one.

She somehow managed to create multiple varsity-style jackets with both M&M and Laffy Taffy imagery on them for her girlfriends (sidenote, if anyone can hook me up with one of these jackets I would be eternally grateful)

Not satisfied with merely LARPing as a black person through her fashion, she takes a yearly vacation to the glorious paradise that is... Compton!

There she samples the native haute cuisine

Purchases the rarest cultural treasures

And interacts with the locals... bona fide black people!!!

Her Instagram posts are an endless source of lulz for me with how clueless she is to what living as a black person/with black people is actually like. I'd also love for some random SJWs to find her and condemn her somehow. Anyways, enjoy this trashy icon.
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im intersex i have both uwu
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I have to say at least they do a better job contouring to look black than those chicks who want to be white do? Some of them might even be mistaken for mixed, which is probably why those poor people being posed with like zoo animals aren't kicking their asses.