People Who Use Suicide for Propaganda - A List of Ghouls Exploiting + Lying About Chloe Sagal's Death

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If I kill all the ratking content goes away and you just literally killed another tranny
Hmm, good point.

Maybe just shitpost their crotch junk away, make them all the women they all so clearly want to be.

Watch out, they're gonna use this sentence to prove that we're all heartless sociopaths.
And yet we all get along far more nicely than the people claiming they AREN'T sociopaths.

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“another trans woman to suicide fucking yesterday.”

I guess they’re trollshielding CWC now but also unable to distinguish dates.
Is this the first time the ratking at large have actually NOTICED anything Chris has done?
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Serious Question.

How he fuck do you literally (cyber)bully someone to death?
Usually its the person behind it. This isn't a "victim blaming" thing or any of that horse shit. Lots of people don't know how to switch off social media completely and just fuck off outside. This is a real struggle for some people who've become addicted to needing to see those updates. Or, as I said previously, popcorn brain. They need to hit that like button, or get their stuff liked in order to feel an endorphin rush.

So this is the massive ass double edged sword in which when people use social media and it is effectively turned against them. It then becomes a thing they dread because of the abuse that can legit be hurled at them.

I don't know of many cases in which someone has been driven to suicide via social media though. A lot of it is sensationalised reporting, usually with other factors at play. Namely it's real life people relentlessly following their target and making the harassment nearly non-stop.

Normally this is kids and teenagers pulling this shit though, bullying someone at school and then continuing it when they're at home via social media.

Which is quite the gulf away from what we do at the farms, which is laugh away on a tiny, private corner of the net. We're the old bags in the hair dyers in the salon, the old women cackling in the corner of the pub, laughing at the dumb shit people do in public. "OOoh, did you see that dress she wore? Didn't it look ghastly."

But these dumbasses need some Bete Noire to claim extra special points for, because if we somehow did end up going away forever (far more active people have tried and failed miserably than these lazy fucks) then they get to say they were there, man. They were there. They helped take down Kiwi Farms and it was awesome.

But, like any lolcow, they're too busy in some fantasy world of theirs to actually do anything about it. They've certainly not got the spine to do anything which is why they use people's deaths as an attempted beating stick.

Kiwi Farms really seems more like it's some rogue online sect following St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes). For all the documenting and laughing at what appear to be lost causes online, Kiwis still express an impressive amount of patience and even sympathy in cases where a cow's so-called friends and family either abandon them or are no better for their health. Even total lunatic assholes still have people that want them to actually not spiral into the miserable pit they keep gleefully digging. Kiwi Farms is just a mirror of the identity you've presented online, and some people improve themselves. Nobody's mad when a cow gets their shit together and carries on. If anything, people are glad for them. People even try to help them, sometimes.

But helping people requires the backbone to say things someone will disagree with, and that's incomprehensible to these people.

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Poor Chloe. That's all I can say after reading all that these garbage people have done with her terrible suicide. Her life was a misery and they're denying her death the meaning she assigned it. She burned herself to death, in one of the most painful suicides possible, and the handful of people who actually listened to her and heard her right before she lit the match have been lost in the howling void of worthless assholes like Jake Alley and Rebecca Gerber appropriating her death to their own ends.

Even in death no one who claims so openly on Twitter to care about her fucking listens to her. She was a frighteningly mentally ill person whom they all avoided and feared when she was alive and they are denying that reality and the aims behind her death because they are foul and degenerate. She melted her clothes into her skin and dealt with pain that I unfortunately can imagine too well, the kind of pain that transcends words because it is so unendurable there are no words to describe it accurately, and those ostensibly in her tribe have ignored all that she said in order to score some victim or ally points. She suffered such a terrible end and this is what they are doing. Fuck.

Seriously. Fuck them. Poor Chloe.
I don't even believe she killed herself to protest anything, I think she was just trying to make her roommates feel bad for kicking her out ; but even still you'd think the bare minimum a person could do to respect her life is to at least acknowledge the bullshit reason she said she ended it.


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These people are afraid to get better because then they can't get their pity points, their likes, keep their status, get to yell at digital faces on a screen and so and so forth. It's why they aren't lifting a fucking finger to further the cause that Chloe, who I don't even know and never knew about until I saw the thread in Articles & Happenings- cause it weakens them and their positions.
It forces them to acknowledge that their entire online world and community that they lead is a farce. They want people to suffer so they can piggyback off of it. So they can shout and claim the suffering as their own. It's all they'll ever amount to really and as many would probably agree here, that's pretty sad. Thing is, their actions and words turn the would-be pity (although for some I doubt there'd be any of that) into indifference and laughter and they never learn to stop. Then they wonder why the Farms keeps laughing.
Also, I'd say that the Farms is actually the best site to get help from. Sounds really odd and fucked up since the main reason this site exists is to watch people be autistic as shit but at the same time, we aren't these crazy fucks. There's no reason to ignore them or use their suffering/illness' for gain cause what does the Farm's gain out of that shit? Shit nothing.
I've seen serious valid concern for cows but especially their victims. Farmers here have shown serious, valid concern while these troons and their communities do fuck all and even sometimes press harder on their victims.

Shit's really fucking fucked up when your "enemy" is better to the victims.
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I note that a few of the people blaming us are also in the habit of suicide baiting themselves. I doubt a single one of them will look at this mess and realise that this is exactly how much their suicide would mean to the community they’ve attached themselves to.


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You're better off with troons as an enemy than as your "allies." You're less likely to end up dead in a blazing inferno, too.
Sadly a lot of people have yet to learn this but then again it seems their power is starting to wane thankfully.

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The only thing these people are getting wrong is implying that the Kiwi Farms is in any way competent enough to convince someone to kill themselves.
I convinced @Ron Paul 2024 that injecting methamphetamine was perfectly safe and not even as addictive as popping the occasional oxy. He disappeared for like a month, came back to tell me "holy shit dyn you were right meth is amazing", disappeared for another five months, came back to announce he just robbed his dealer and is on the run, and now nobody's seen him for two years.

I think that counts.