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Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
Here's Mr. Lavandiera innocently bathing with his child:

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Now, I know what you're thinking. But luckily he has an answer for you, it's all totally innocent!

Swimming trunks! You see, totally innocent! I know I feel a lot better when preschool teachers reassure me they wear a sports cup to restrain their genitals while teaching a class.
Oh, come on. Plenty of parents bathe with their small children while wearing a bathing suit. If he wasn't wearing a bathing suit, that would be a big problem, but it's not like this is a new concept.

I do think it's very inappropriate to post photos of your child's bathtime on the internet, however. Especially if you're relatively "famous".

Here's how I imagine his interactions with his children to be...

"Daddy, daddy, come play trucks with me!"
"SHUT UP YOU LITTLE TURD, Amy Schumer just made a joke about farting with her vagina and Daddy needs to blog about it! You want food on the table, right? You want trucks to play with? Then LET DADDY BLOG."