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Oh what a Sperg I am. Oh what a Sperg I am.

ITT we discuss perfect albums. Not your favorite albums, not "pretty good" albums, but absolutely flawless albums. Records with perfect sound mixing, lyrics, composition, etc. I'll start

Surfer Rosa by the Pixies is, in my most humble opinion, an absolutely perfect album. The Pixies basically inspired every alternative band fuckin ever, from Radiohead to Weezer, even the Shotgun Mouthwash Man himself, Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" said:
I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it.
And out of their whole discography, Surfer Rosa is their crowning achievement. I'm not a music critic, so I can't perfectly articulate why it's so good, but I'll try

This whole album is an enigma of sorts. The songs on Surfer Rosa are perfectly crafted, managing to be both profound and lyrically dense, but funny at the same time. The Pixies manage to switch from poppy melodic rock, to out of left field batshit insanity at a moment's notice.

I am absolutely obsessed with this record, but my praise doesn't do it justice. It's the kind of thing you have to hear to believe. If you can, buy a copy, they usually go for $10-$20 online. If for whatever reason, you don't like paying for shit, don't worry. there are options. The corporate cocksuckers over at Youtube have taken down every upload of the album, so your best bet is streaming it on Spotify, if you don't mind ads.

Or better yet, piss all over the music industry and download my copy,
So now I wanna know, what do you guys consider perfect albums?

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Tragically Hip - road apples

I'm not a very emotional fella but this song does something funny to me every time I hear it:
10/10 Perfect song.
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Demon days. Big surprise from the guy with a gorillaz avatar amirite?


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Albums I can listen to end to end

Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records by Chumbawamba

They're complete commies but good musicians. I guess the devil really has the best songs.

Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stoneage

Someone has probably already posted it, but it's great

Veni, Vidi, Vicious by the Hives.

You might get sick of their somewhat repetitive style eventually, but it's still a great album

Music for the Jilted Generation by Prodigy

Introduced me to electronic music that didn't suck. Played the CD until my shitty CD player died.

Invaders must die by Prodigy

Prodigy went through a long period of making somewhat disappointing stuff but this is great again.

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