perhaps the most retarded idea I've ever had

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Nov 14, 2012
I've been debating what to do for the next merch run and due to the memes of the day I'm looking into a custom silver round mint.

First idea I have was
Front: KF logo and and the text "Kiwi Farms" above / "Fuck the Banks", below
Reverse: CWC's head in profile with a tiara like the Queen of England on Commonwealth coin mints with "In Sonichu we Trust"

Someone suggested $5 over spot for the coin as a sales price (i.e. $27.22 per oz [spot price], $5 markup, then shipping).

I'm not being facetious I am an insane person and I want to mint my own coins for fun. How many people are interested?

Whether or not this goes through depends heavily on manufacturing and what they have as minimum orders.
So, if you happen to be in the industry, email me <>.

Edit: Quote 1 came in and it's looking pretty dire.


Would you guys prefer a fancier design like this for the KF side, or just the logo?

Design round 1


Design round 2

Pair A
Screenshot_2021-02-17_at_04.15.52 (1).png

I asked the artists to kick some designs that had a 'masonic' vibe to them as an alternative to Chris.
unknown (2).png Screenshot_2021-02-21_at_22.49.57.png Screenshot_2021-02-21_at_22.50.21.png
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