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punishment to those who can not be forgiven
Oh man this might be the juiciest gal you've heard of (warning: this is long as hell):

I don't sadly have many screenshots because I've blocked her crazy ass off from everywhere but when I knew her she was so off and I don't understand why I kept in touch with her for so long. Anyway, let's get to the story.
This person is around 28 years old girl (I'm going to call her Song from now on) who identifies as "nonbinary genderfluid" (don't ask me, her words), who "kins" a shit ton of different characters and goes to different "shifts" and all that juicy shit. I first met her via one game fandom when I was searching for discord servers to join on and everything goes great at first, she acts a bit weird but I shake it off due to the fact that the game we both liked is somewhat fucked up and people with different kind of problems like to join it and she was batshit crazy when it came to kin stuff. I never actually liked her even from the beginning but I stayed quiet about it because she was the op of the discord server and I really didn't want to lose few of the other members, but let me tell you - if you said something that didn't go exactly like she wanted to, she was going to rage about it.

Oh, you thank her for giving out information? Rage. How dare you thank her when the thing is for x group.
You think that trans people need dysphoria? Rage. How dare you offend her nonbinary-genderfluid identity.
You use the word "autism" when you talk about your autism? Rage. How dare you use the word autism when her self-diagnosed ass sits right there.
Or even better - one person was venting about wanting to kill herself and when one of the people tried to help her, Song started to rage about it as well because the suicidal person didn't want to speak to the other person at that time.

She was also one of those who whine about their life all the time and don't do anything to actually fix it. She claimed that she lived with her "abusive" roommate (ex boyfriend?) and was trying to get out of the situation, e-begging from time to time. She ended up moving in with one of her boyfriends or "queerplatonic friend" (yes, she was one of those kind of people) who happened to kin a shit ton of as well (not really surprising) and she ended up staying inside all the time, not working or anything while still whining that she doesn't have any money to do anything. All-in-all she was really cringy person to be around with and I'm surprised that I didn't block her ass earlier.

There was actually this really good guy in the server before he got kicked out because Song didn't like him, good humor, etc. and the last time when I heard of Song she still bitches about this guy, after around 6 months or so after he was kicked off from the server and she still lies about him to this day and I actually have screenshots of this one:
View attachment 1700332View attachment 1700335
(She is the one with the red block) Oh - and by the way, the accusations were all fake that were spread by the guy's ex.

She has also told me to grow up when she accused me of stuff and I tried to defend myself (I'm a ton younger than she is and she was the one who was throwing the childish tantrums):

View attachment 1700344

She has also accused me of being a pedophile for no other reason than dating a person one year younger than me.
Last but not least, it was a pain in the ass to block her because she has around 18 or more fucking users on tumblr.
Oh god, she reminds me of someone I used to know. Some things don't check out so I know it's not the same person but jeez
However bringing up this case might end up becoming a powerlevel contest, so although she is laughing stock I probably should not do it
What is it with people trying to excuse their bullshit by saying "they're an adult". If you're a piece of shit to someone with bad intents maybe you're the one who needs to fucking grow up


This is a fucking shitshow
What is it with people trying to excuse their bullshit by saying "they're an adult". If you're a piece of shit to someone with bad intents maybe you're the one who needs to fucking grow up
That's exactly what I was thinking after the rollercoaster of the stuff that she threw around. Also it'd be kind of funny if it ended up being the same person that you're talking about


punishment to those who can not be forgiven
That's exactly what I was thinking after the rollercoaster of the stuff that she threw around. Also it'd be kind of funny if it ended up being the same person that you're talking about
She's like two years younger than me and also a lesbian, so that's what made me rethink it, but I think the two should become best friends because they're really good at ruining your life by telling everyone you did something that never happened.

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Let’s go fill the Internet with crime, come on!
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I’m devastated that I wasn’t on KF when this guy was posting more. He might have been threadworthy a couple years back, but I'm checking in on him today and it's 90% boring anon asks, with the other 10% of content mostly hidden on Patreon. I'll just give you what I can remember, and what relics I can still dig up off the top of my head.

Kaleb, the panromantic demisexual cis male from Tennessee, USA

A blog born by an intense thirst for Yuuri Katsuki back when anyone still cared about Bland Gays on Ice, "our boy" Kaleb, or YuuriVoice, refers to himself as a quote "Voice Actor and Writer specializing in self-insert and ship audios, fandom related and original, SFW and NSFW (also refers to himself as an "asmrtist," although it's clear he's one of those creators that has "autonomous sensory meridian response" and "playing pretend in my bedroom" mixed up)." He is professionally neither of the sort, but what he does do is make strange audio recordings of himself pretending to be different characters from fandoms in a multitude of scenarios that include comforting your gender dysphoria, peeing himself, and getting fucked in bondage by Viktor Nikiforov.

On his audio masterlist you will primarily find posts with Yuuri Katsuki, but his other more popular characters to voice (I use that term loosely but we'll get to that) include Prince Sidon of LoZ, Guzma of Pokemon, Yoosung Kim of Mystic Messenger, Prince Lotor of Voltron and Shouta Aizawa of BnHA. Some titles include:

Yuuri x Victor | Yuuri's Tummy Ache
Guzma x Fem!Listener | Body Positive Oral
Rin x Haru | Rin's Shower Time Surprise
Loki x Fem! Listener | Lingering Gaze
Yuuri x Victor | Mafia AU: Confrontation
Lotor x Listener | Galra Heat

If you hate yourself enough to give these a listen, you'll notice that his voice hardly changes for any of these characters. He has an incredibly whiny, unpleasing voice to listen to with rather poor audio quality and as you can imagine the scripts are pure cringe. That's why his commission prices are so reasonably rated as follows:

1-2 minutes: $15
2-4 miutes: $20
5+ minutes: $25 (varies beyond 6+ minutes)

Unfortunately, despite the abundance of "your so valid!!" anons, very few teenagers were able to cough up $15 for a man to moan into a microphone pretending he was Link and thus, a patreon was born. $3 gets you virtually nothing except a monthly update audio, $5 tier includes a monthly exclusive SFW audio, and $10 includes a monthly exclusive NSFW audio. Not horribly overpriced, but ultimately a silly cost imo. His wishlist is also unremarkable.

Now, you're probably imagining that a man so well versed in the art of dirty talk would have the face of a sex god, right? A svelte, trim figure with chiseled features, captivating eyes, a smile that brightens the room, a


There are people flicking the bean to THIS guy whining for Prince Sidon to stuff him full of shark dick and I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

That's really all I have to say about this dude I guess. The only things I remember from the past that I wasn't able to dig up was him getting salty at anon asks for seemingly no reason (something he has pretty much stopped doing) and having a period where he kept reblogging his own posts like a hundred times a day, which is when I quit following him out of sheer annoyance. I also remember listening to his NSFW audio with a friend and whoever visibly cringed first lost. It was pretty fun. Anyways, not a harmful dude and I'm glad he's getting his coin dollaz, but he was unbelievably cringey back in the day and the trip down memory lane has been even worse.


Enoby Way

Saw something nasty in the woodshed.

"He stalked someone for a while and misgendered them"

I like how the crime of stalking and making someone fear for their life , safety, and privacy, is considered just as worthy of mention as being an asshole in conversation that one time. (And only some people think this action counts as being an asshole anyway).

It's like she didn't think predatory crime was enough of a reason to mistrust someone. No, you have to accuse him of misgendering someone to make him *really* look bad. So she just threw that in at the end.

Makes me doubt the entire thing.


This is a fucking shitshow
It's like she didn't think predatory crime was enough of a reason to mistrust someone. No, you have to accuse him of misgendering someone to make him *really* look bad. So she just threw that in at the end.
Oh yeah I was there as well when the accusations started and she always pulled the "he misgendered them" card along the stalking one (which is still a lie and makes it even better). I still have no idea what was going on in her head when she said all this.

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I just found this artist via Twitter and discovered his tumblr so I guess this belongs in here.

I present to you: CoffuuCoffuu "Bi Trans dude • gnc as hell • 5000 ocs • 18+ • draws too many boys • I luv " (this is his bio from twitter) His tumblr

Why I show you this dude? well I found this OC of him called "Barbie"


It may look like a girl, dress like a girl, even it's name is girl-like. Well is a male.

I never understand why some tumblerinas made Oc's that looks like x gender, acts like x gender, name them as x gender but assign them the other gender

this insane woman decided to write a 66 page rebuttal 'masterdoc' to an equally cringey lesbian 'masterdoc'. its almost certainly just a ploy to get more youtube subscribers and patreon follows but its still incredible to try and read. its literal word salad and screenshots of large chunks of the original lesbian doc, and then a painful re-explanation of what it says. 7/10 read if your bored and well versed in this sort of thing.

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I just found this artist via Twitter and discovered his tumblr so I guess this belongs in here.

I present to you: CoffuuCoffuu "Bi Trans dude • gnc as hell • 5000 ocs • 18+ • draws too many boys • I luv " (this is his bio from twitter) His tumblr

Why I show you this dude? well I found this OC of him called "Barbie"

View attachment 1738012

It may look like a girl, dress like a girl, even it's name is girl-like. Well is a male.

I never understand why some tumblerinas made Oc's that looks like x gender, acts like x gender, name them as x gender but assign them the other gender
futanari fetish

God, tumblr. Most of the freaks migrated to twitter the moment the 'NSFW ban' was put into place. I like to kind of watch on the sidelines to see some bullshit happen, as many people would describe it, sites like tumblr are just ongoing tranwrecks.
There's this really specific community that's really kind of. Special to tumblr, at least compared to other websites I've seen with cows casually waddling around. It's called the RPC (role play community) where sub-par writers come together to write fictional (and, at worst, actual people as if they were fictional characters).

I remember this one case specifically in early 2019ish. There was this rper who roleplayed a bunch of young female anime characters, but had a NSFW sideblog. They had a huge hugbox of fellow subpar writers that didn't know basic grammar coddle them and constantly put onto a pedistal. However, this one fucking. Genius, right. Took once glance at their blog and... Yeah they were literally writing their 'self insert character' in detail, fucking animals. Full on feral animals. And they claimed it was just 'a kink' the moment their ass got put on blast for it. Fun times, really. I just think it's funny how people can just be so out and about with their bullshit and expect someone not to step in it.
View attachment 1185075

EDIT: I looked back at some archives and it turns out this bitch (apparently went by the name 'Noka') also had a dedicated vore blog where they wrote characters like Toph from Avatar the last Airbender being vored and shit. Yeah, just an actual basketcase 'kink'-fueled tumblrite. The person who initially found this stuff was smart enough to archive it, a rarity from tumblrites to actually have a brain cell. (NSFW)
Someone I know that's part of this community told me about the depravities this person wrote about in their blog and I couldn't believe half the things until I checked Noka up by myself.

Their blogs have apparently been shut down a few times before but they always come back, and every time it happens, it just gets worse, so I thought it would be a great idea to archive their shit before it disappears again because there's a lot to unwrap here.

Main blog and the two I thought were the most fucked up from that collection: (archive) (NSFW) (archive) (NSFW) (archive) (NSFW)

If you thought that roleplaying as real life people was already creepy, get ready to know about roleplaying as real life people getting fucked.

Noka seems to love writing porn of anything that crosses their mind to the point they have been writing about real life celebrities in some of the blogs, bestiality, snuff, rape and so on. There's no limit for them and that's what makes them to be specially fucked up. If what the person that first told me about them is saying the truth, Noka said at some point that if anyone in real life found out about the stuff they do, it could ruin their life.

Here are some examples that I mainly found in the blogs about celebrities:

I heard at some point they also had versions of their mom and sister in the blog so people could 'lewd' them as well, I've tried to look for that but they may be gone with the blogs that were closed, and apparently they also have pets in real life. Seeing how appealing they find being fucked by dogs and other animals, I sometimes worry about the well-being of those poor creatures.


Total dyke tbh
Now, I'm 90% sure I didn't screenshot this, but I remember this chick going absolutely apeshit on the Elder Scrolls tag about a year or two ago. The reason I remember this is because she was mad people were shipping her elf husband with their Khajiit OC's and shit. She was calling it bestiality and rape and was even sending hate asks to one of the shippers. Now, I was obviously curious about what other batshit crazy stuff she was posting. Turns out, she was legit trying to become an elf. Like, not cosplay or being a complete retard kinning. She was genuinely posting about her 'transformation' and using those bullshit Tumblr witch spells. Eventually she made an 'apology' where she just pulled the ''I'm disabled!" card and didn't apologize.

I'm pretty sure she deleted her blog in the end. The only remainder I can find is this ask she sent somebody. I think her blog was called Letheane or some shit?
Capture 4.PNG
not really a personal cow but they're one that might ring familiar to anyone who's been around on the internet enough. cyelatm (close your eyes, look at the mountains) is a translesbian comic artist famous for her poorly drawn saccharine schlock:

turns out yet another uwu wholesome smol gay comic artist has been outed as an opportunistic predator:




edgy but polite
She's not from Tumblr but shes on Twitter, which is basically the same shit nowadays. She is the most loud, woke speaking, annoying person I have had the displeasure of knowing currently. Met her through a server, and at first she seemed cool because of common interests, but once we became mutuals on Twitter, she turned out really annoying and like your standard Twitter-ranter (pronouns and orientation in bio and whatnot). Going on being annoyed at posts saying "people are too thin skinned nowadays" and kind of contradicting what she was saying by whining about it....and being offended by said posts.
She also quote retweets a lot of political posts and is loud about everything, all while being easily offended by stupid shit and then obsessing over the slightest hint towards gay/trans in media or whatever. (Standard Twitter fare.)

Recently she came to me rambling about "trans rights" saying "I thought you'd like to know". Don't know where that idea came from and I really didn't give a fuck but I was polite about it and just went "oh okay, cool." It came off as a "fun fact! this person who's creations you enjoy are decent people! isn't that cool!" but worded for woke folk.

Probably tame compared to the other things I've seen in this thread...but it's way too hard to meet anyone that isn't like this these days. (:_(


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An update on Lilith Fairen that I've been meaning to post: she actually deleted her Tumblr and has moved on to Twitter. Reason why?

Like many SJWs, she has to crusade against supposed sexist depictions of women in Puella Magi Madoka Magica+ other "edgy" magical girl animes by harassing and shaming others. She then happened to harass another person who liked the series, N. K. Jemisin, an actual author who's apparently well-respected, won an award for her works, and is also a poc, and proceeded to throw herself into the ring and only only shame her, but try to convince others that the series is bad.
The second Lilith found out, she not only deleted her tumblr but also her twitter as well, before deciding to remain on twitter and pretend like it never happened. She didn't even bother deleting the posts either so anyone can find and archive her retardation.

I've noticed this trend where she'll apologize for her actions, but then turns back around showing she hasn't changed, and do things like purposely baiting fans because she's not getting enough attention. Like she's so obsessed with her and her Glints Saga shit getting attention and hates it when things she doesn't like do. She literally can't comprehend that her being a pretentious cunt towards others is the main reason why there's barely any readers and not her delusions of sexism. You'd think a writer who wants to gain an audience would know this but alas, lolcows like her don't.

EDIT: Looks like she's locked her Twitter account, but not before deleting the Glints Saga account after whining over her lack of attention. This begging is honestly pathetic and hilarious coming from someone so "prideful" in their writings of strong women:
Like I predicted before, she made yet another apology over her behavior (even thinking about deleting her account and stop writing), only to go back on her word by not only whining more about magical girl shit, but desperately fish for attention by baiting Pokemon fans over Sword and Shield and Uranium.
I don't know if she became aware of my posts here to cause the lock, but either way I doubt she'll keep it locked for long. Now absolutely no one but her few followers can see her rants and her lesbian stories, giving her even less attention.
Now she's deleted her Twitter after unlocking it briefly, but not before complaining more about deconstruction shit. Quite a coincidence after I updated this post 🤔 I predict she'll come back again, she still has her other accounts up because she's still writing. Maybe she'll come back and admit she's a crazy and shit human being and it's not her sexism claims that keep people from reading. But I can't give dumb cunts like her too much credit.
EDIT Again: She came back a few days ago, only to have a meltdown over Anthem today and then goes insane by accusing Twitter's algorithms of keeping people from seeing her posts and is apparently being harassed by people on CuriousCat (funnily enough she never posts proof of them taking place, making me suspect she's lying):
Her being an ass over Anthem's cancellation, all while not noticing she's insulting herself as her own shit will never get attention due to her behaviour:
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Hello, long ass lurker here, feel free to correct me if i do the formatting wrong im a retard who doesnt understand computers.

She always manages to find dirt about her so im gunna call her Y

I first met this fucker a year or so ago? Dont really remember. I met her through a irl freind on amino, i was added onto one of their groupchats with like 15 or so people who all had the same intrests as me, everyone was pretty cool but i wasnt really online due to the fact that i had better things to do besides sit around and talk about total drama island btw

fast foreward a few months and im added to an instagram gc with the folks from amino, same kind of converastions just it was danganronpa now , nothing unsual, just art and shit.

Stage one. The trooning
Now Y was a pretty talented young artist, she mainly drew danganronpa art and for someone her age was pretty good at it. She mainly drew uwu anime shit but it was appealing to look at. Soon enough though, this talented young artist got washed in the sjw juice. It started with Y coming out and telling everyone she was trans (FtM) I kind of just shrugged it off because i better things to worry about other then this child thinking she was a man. but oh boy was it going to be hard to shrug it off in the future, because Y decides this is going to be her only personality trait from now on. She is always either milking the other people in the gc for “uwu ur so valid” points or complaining about how transphobic her mother is, going so far as to claim her mother was going to abuse her because her mom found out she was trans (Her mother btw, was not at all “abusive” She let Y cut her hair and literally wear a binder, plus keep a trans flag in Y’s room. None the less Y milked the abusive mother thing for a soild week or so before forgetting about it completly.

Stage two. the BLM stage

So this next stage happened around the BLM protests, and Y’s personality suddenly switched from “Uwu trans boy” to “If you look at a pee o cee the wrong way you are racist.
She also adopted this strange postition of “Omg asian people are so opressed :((“ (Y is asian btw)) despite the fact that her and a majority of asians in my country are quite well off. This got so bad that she broke up with her gf just because the gf thought that asian people were not pee o cees. She posted constant BLM stuff, and once went on a spreg rant because...

Some “Grrrrr white” kid at her school said he didnt like a black kids blm hat, black kid beats the ”evil white opressor” and then gets suspended, but ohnono poor pee o cee didnt do anything wrong rasict bad bad school.

She also claimed that white people talking in bad english was “appropriation of black culture”
Y also got very into the ACAB uwu mindset at this time.

Stage 3- Neopronouns and art downgrade

this is the stage we are now at. Y‘s art has very much downgraded, and she now draws exlusivly Kokichi and Nagito from danganpoop in skirts with pridepins all over them. She has deleted most of her past posts, and now spregs about neogenders and how valid they are grrrr grrrrr. Her shading has gone from intresting and nice to completly flat. And if she isnt drawing uwu gay danganronpa charcters, shes drawing herself and talking about how oppressive her mom and freinds are

its sad

I'm personally friends with a relatively popular Tumblr user whom is communist

She's werid and borderline a e-girl and a Boxy expy

She also has this werid fucking thing where she imagines and dedicates to this Sonic-chu "world" in her head and more specifically this one guy named Flash

You know how saying "women like the bad boys" ?

Well in this case, it's a (unironically) the communist girl secretly pining for the capitalist chad

She constantly writes about this imaginary man and everyone in this world in extraordinary detail

It's werid, and she can get borderline china apologist aswell

If she wasn't straight and trans I unironically fell like should would have got her own thread here awhile now lol


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After talking to a mod about it, I've been given the OK to make this thread.

One thing to remember: do not give out any information that may identify you. Tumblrinas can be volatile and may try to dox you.

I'll start.

I used to follow this guy on tumblr about 6 months ago. Let's call him Mike.
Now, Mike was a fake tranny woman (he made no attempt to pass) who identified as monosexual--he was attracted to women only. Which is kind of autistic in and of itself, because if he identified as a woman and was only attracted to women, wouldn't that make him a lesbian?
Anyways, he made a post one day saying how demisexuality wasn't real. When someone reblogged it refuting his claim, he proceeded to derail the post to make them look like an idiot.
Basically, he was a massive hypocrite for claiming to be monosexual and saying demisexuality wasn't real. After seeing how he acted, it was enough for me to unfollow him.
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