Personal Lolcows: Tumblr Edition - A website like Tumblr tends to breed exceptional individuals


The Bed Sheet Deity
Lilith Fairen came back to Tumblr, apparently focusing on the hatedom of the RWBY series despite outright admitting that she's not even into the fandom, just there to indulge in her love of hate. Here's her new Tumblr (archive), which will probably be deleted at some point once she starts shitting things up again.

One of her latest crusades resulted in her blocking anyone that talked back to her and then temporarily deleting her account like a coward (1)(2):
She's also expressed a desire for a hatedom of her own, because hate is the only thing that defines a writer like her (1)(2):
Wondering if a thread should be made on her or not, she's just so damn crazy and hypocritical. Apparently someone said that she's been doing this since 2019.
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