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For one, he thinks that I hate Portuguese people. I don't, I just shit talk them whenever he's around because he thinks they're the best people ever, and gets really angry when I call them the lazy Mexicans of Spain.
Tell him that Portugese chicks are horny af because they're so high testosterone that they're practically men and that you always check how thick their arm hair is to qualify how wet their pussy prolly is rn, that'll really rustle the dude.

Oh and personally my lolcows are /r/Canada on reddit, love creating a new alt and saying something factual and having them remove it and calling them faggots and telling them they'll get the rope next. I also love - the adult chat room, I always pop in and post a beheading GIF in there and some woman getting smacked around - really rustles their jimmies, especially in the evenings. They're super quick with the bans. I haven't run out of IPs yet tho lol.

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A few years ago, I wrote about my experiences with S, a spergy classmate in my Screenwriting I class who wrote a script entitled "The Thanks We Get" that was described here as "The Room as written by Elliot Rodger". The link I posted is dead, but you can DM me for a copy.

Today I had lunch with some writer friends of mine who've had to deal with him in more classes, and their stories paint a much more vivid picture of his personality:

  • He hasn't moved on from the creepy rape focus of TTWG at all. Many of his scripts were described as having "Women being impregnated by rape", "Women raping men", "Children being the offspring of rape", etc. One scene involved a character of his drinking semen out of a paper cup. I shudder at what the context could possibly be.
  • In their current class, he's writing a play featuring two guys in jail, with both of them bitching about women, and one of them complaining about, yep you guessed it, being arrested for a false rape conviction. Also, the phrase "We live in a society" was unironically used.
  • On a lighter note, he tried to write a musical about the struggles between cops and criminals that everyone agreed was terrible. You may recognize this as the exact premise of the infamous TV show Cop Rock. No word as to whether rape features in the musical at all.
  • And on an even more off-putting note, one of the girls in a previous class rightfully criticized one of his screenplays for again, being the brainchild of a creepy sperg with a rape fetish. So he comes in the next week with a part specifically written for her wherein she's called a cunt several times and beaten within an inch of her life. The professor was so disgusted that they actually kicked him out of the class, and told him not to come back. Essentially my friends have to walk on eggshells with their critiques lest they be written in his revenge fantasies or shot up irl.
Long story short, the film program at my school attracts crazies like moths to a flame.
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Lemme introduce you to one of my friends who became a lolcow to me in the past 2 years. Now then, I don't feel like reavealing any sort of powerlevels, so I'm gonna use in a
pseudonym for him, and refer to him as Gary.

I had a friend, who I will refer to as Gary. I met Gary back around summer 2013, on a forum. Gary and I both got along fairly well, as we both had very similar interests and a love for memes. As the year went on, I slowly started losing interest in MLP (both of us were bronies at the time), which Gary understood 100% and we never talked much about MLP afterwards. We eventually shifting our focuses and conversations on video games and computer hardware. For about 3 years afterwards, nothing very eventful happens to either of us, it all seems normal. Gary eventually followed suit with me and also lost interest in MLP about a year after I lost interest in it, however, it took a much darker turn just when I thought it was getting better for both of us.

Fast forward to around spring 2016. One day, I notice Gary has an unusual discord and twitter avatar. As I'm about ready to question him about this, he comes out to me as a furry. I don't think much at first, and he's completely cool with me making jokes about furries for a while. But as time went on, he slowly started to go down the path many lolcows went down. He started getting offended over jokes, won't shut up about how Trump is going to personally execute LGBTs, losing his shit over Trump winning the election, wanting to go to war with Russia, how Republicans are all secret neo-nazis ready to lynch him, and how Ajit Pai is literally Satan reincarnated. Then he eventually comes out as gay after being a bisexual for most his life. He started to shill for SonicFox and talk about how much of a great person he was and how anybody who doesn't like him is just a meanie homophobe who needs to get with the times, started to call himself a socialist despite the fact every single view he holds is just basic DNC talking points and barely anything that can be considered revolutionary.

Eventually, he gets on my case when I show no interest in getting involved in politics, and how I'm an evil, heartless bastard for not wanting to vote for democrats or shill for them 100% of the time. I'm still friends with him, but I feel like as of right now, my friendship with him might not even last, and he'll probably blame it all on me.


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I now have the inexplicable urge to strangle my family's personal lolcow after she got more time with her son than my friend. My friend was the plaintiff and LOST.


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personal lolcow won't stop tweeting photos of her baby with captions like 'my baby is my ex in a dressing gown', and 'my child is literally ____ in a headband'.
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