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You serious?
I have a small bizarre series of incidents that I've begun to notice on my deviantart notification feed. Specifically, from a user going by the name SS0011 (or formerly Kone-e)

She's actually a pretty talented artist, as you can see in the gallery below. It's why I followed her and saw her weird forum posts to begin with. All of her images are deleted on her profile because she recently (about 4 days ago) deactivated and subsequently reactivated her account and wiped all of her art off, but googling "SS0011 deviantart" or "Kone-e deviantart" will show some stored images in image results.

(This one only had a thumbnail available but you can see the SS0011 signature)
The rest I could find all have her Kone-e signature:
1574105658690.png1574105848860.png 1574105706824.png

What really grabbed my attention with her though is her deviantart forum posts.

The first one is just someone asking if anyone knew why they deactivated and someone replying with "nope", super helpful. It's the ones started by SS0011 herself that are odd. It makes me think she might be heavily autistic or something because she asks questions like someone who doesn't understand basic social interactions.

Her latest (just a few hours ago as of this post) is Would you be happier without a relationship?
"If so, why? If not, why? I've never been in an actual relationship and I can't say that I really want one. It's hard to tell if I want to be loved or if I just like the thought of love. It feels very unrealistic whenever I imagine being in a relationship."

Others include:
Why is wanting to be another race unacceptable? (I don't remember exactly what the original post said before she hid it, it wasn't anything particularly "offensive," rather just clueless)
Why do people voice chat on discord?
"Just wondering since people always ask me for discord and wanna voice chat when I prefer text chat. I don't live alone, therefore, I have no privacy. So, I can't talk to them without my family asking 20 questions and wanting to do a background check on the person to see if they are a murderer."
Why are there so many hateful people on the internet?
TW: Suicide mention

In general, why are there so many hateful people in the world? I'm so tired of cyber bullying not being handled properly. These people are sadistic and won't stop even after you're dead. There was a YouTuber that I liked watching who called herself "Threemilk". She deleted every trace of her months ago, so I thought. Someone else re-uploaded her videos. She left the internet due to cyber bullying and it makes me angry. Now recently, a kpop idol, Sulli, has committed suicide due to hate comments. I was crazy about her and I wish these jerks would stop. (Funny how all of a sudden after they find out that she has passed away, they act so nice as if they didn't mean it.)Some people are so insensitive. Sure, just don't read the comments.... it's not that easy. At this point, people would have to turn off comments and that's not fair to the people who are nice to them. Why can't people just enjoy being online? Why do they have to ruin it? Even DA has turned into another pool of sh*t.

What's with all the narcissists? As a matter of fact, it seems as if they lack empathy. Seems more like sociopaths or something. No matter what you say or do, they still act like it's not okay for you to say or do it. I've even been cyber bullied and bullied in real life before in the past. Random girls being mean to me on Myspace. I got a message from someone telling me to kill myself and that I looked like an ugly tr*nny. In chat rooms people told me that I wasn't allowed to chat and told me to "go sit in the dark". In person, other kids were mean to me for being too quiet. (Gosh, if I was more talkative they would have still bullied me.) I don't even bother to post selfies of myself on Instagram. It's like, they just choose a random person to hate and then after they're done, they move on to the next victim. Sad. Really sad. This is why I hate society.
How to get over germaphobia towards people?
EDIT: (I realized that germophobe/germophobia is spelled with an O. Not an A. So, sorry for the misspelling. I didn't finish school. )

I've always had a problem with touching people and I realized that I'll never date or marry anyone if I don't fix this issue.

I have no problem petting a cute animal, but people getting too close makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't even want to touch another person's hair, because it's really creepy to me. I don't feel the same way if it's a wig made from human hair, so idk why I feel so grossed out by hair that sheds from a person or is still attached to them. I've never held anyone's hand other than my mom's when I was a little girl and I hated it! Her hands were always so sweaty. I hate sweat.

I've felt this way for as long as I can remember. So, pretty much my whole life. I feel it got worse though, because I don't even hug my own sister anymore. I stopped hugging her at age 10. I'm 27 now. As a germaphobe, it's hard to know if I'm actually asexual or if I'm just sex repulsed due to the germs. I have no experience with anyone. Recently, I don't even watch porn anymore, because I don't want to anymore and I feel fine.

So, what can I do to help myself get over the phobia I have? It's not guaranteed that I'll be able to have an intimate relationship with anyone, but at least I'll be able to act normal.
Why do some people hate Pisces men/women?
"I don't like Pisces, ya'll are weird". Someone told me this today in my notes when I told them my sign, since they asked for it.

Well dang, not like I can change that. I've been told that I'm too sensitive, but anyone can be that way. Especially Cancer. So, why do some people not like Pisces? I'm a Pisces sun, Gemini moon, and Capricorn rising female.
Is it possible to lose art skill?
"Or to have your skills diminish some how? I'm asking this, because I used to sketch a certain way and draw in a certain style years ago. Now, when I try to, I can't seem to anymore. I don't know if experimenting too much has caused my hand to get lazy or what could have happened, but it's really frustrating. I wanted to go back to an older style I was more satisfied with, because all the experimenting has really made me feel indecisive lately. I hate that I ever felt insecure over my style in the first place, because now I'm afraid I can't go back to it. My older art style isn't in my gallery anymore."
Why do people assume I'm a boy?
"When I'm an androgynous cis girl. It's not in real life, just online. What happened to asking the person what their pronouns are??"

She also posts vent rants about herself, including:
I don't have any goals
"I'm slowly becoming more and more nihilistic. Everytime someone asks what I want to do with my life or what goals I have for my future, I don't know how to answer them. Career goals is the biggest one that I can't seem to find. Singer? Actor? Nah, I only want to fantasize about it, not actually do it. How do people know what they want out of life without experiencing it??!! My mom keeps telling me that I should work in the animation industry, but I don't want to. I'm too lazy and art is only a hobby that I'm bad at. I do it to pass the time then delete my art, because I don't like it. T_T "
I almost don't even wanna post in forums anymore
Seems like I'm annoying and someone called me a troll account who posts garbage, so I really don't even want to bother anymore. If I need to rant or ask anything, I'll just do it else where, not on DA. As a matter of fact I almost want to just leave completely. Now I see what people mean when they say there is drama in the forums.
I might be looking for a new religion
"Well, long story short, I was brought up in an abusive Christian house hold. I was tired of being in fear of an afterlife. I was tired of believing in a so called god and expecting things in my life to change. I decided to stop being brainwashed and stop believing, because I realized that it was foolish for me to be afraid of hell. I saw all of the contradictions in the bible and it made me so angry. Anywho, I'm really interested in Laveyan Satanism. Maybe I could try something else like Wicca or Paganism. I'm not sure yet. I still have to do more research. My top one is definitely Laveyan Satanism. I could also just be a simple atheist with no religion at all. One thing for sure is I'm totally gonna burn a Christian bible as soon as I can for fun. (Mom's favorite is the king james version lol)

Can anyone tell me some info on any other religion that might seem fitting?"
I feel as if I don't know what to draw anymore
"It's not really art block. It's just, I feel as if I have to copy stuff I see on Pinterest or Instagram. You know, outfits that I like and want to wear, but I have no money to buy the outfit so I just draw a cute girl wearing it. Most of the time I just draw the model or I combine different stuff together, but it gets really boring. I feel as if it's my "theme" to do this now, but I wish I could be more creative like I used to be years ago.

I'd pretty much draw anything years ago, so idk what happened to me. I used to have ocs and now it's just a bunch of random characters. Of course my art wasn't perfect and I still would get rid of lots of it. I still want to get rid of all my old art and start over. It's funny, because my mom got mad at me when she found out I was throwing my art away and she asked, "What's the point of drawing then if you're just going to get rid of it?"

Well, art is something to pass the time for me. I also have this feeling of wanting to copy something that I like, so I draw it. Otherwise, if I could get rid of that feeling and find something that could pass the time better for me without making noise or something then I probably would stop drawing. It feels like a curse. I took the time to just browse on Pinterest and of course the feeling hit me, but I tried to ignore it and just enjoy the cute pictures. It kind of worked and I watched a movie on YouTube that I never saw before. Do you think I can get over drawing or maybe try to get my creativeness back? "

Also interesting is a Q&A she did, which sheds a little more light on her personality.
Some interesting tidbits:
  • She's 27 and lives with her mother in Oklahoma
  • She was only in the public school system for 4 years and was homeschooled for 7; she doesn't have a high school diploma or GED. She claims to have not learned anything past 7th grade
  • She likes jazz
  • Her mother appears to be abusive or controlling

I don't really know what to make of her. Since I follow her, I get a notification for her activity, including forum posts (which are in a different notification category and thus stick out) which is what drew my attention to her weird behavior. She's not really a lolcow, just a really interesting subject that I thought I might share with you all.

*EDIT: Figured since she has a history of hiding posts and deactivating/reactivating, I should add the OP text for each of those forum posts. Also added a Q&A she did.
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“see what you did, engineer?”
There’s this womanchild I knew about because she was a mutual with a friend of mine that would sperg out about old anime and then go into a fit of blocking people who disagree with her then deactivating her account. She’s not quite amusing like the last one I posted, but I always find mentally unstable speds like this amusing. She’s a prime example of why I despise the magical girl fandom, if not for the fact they’re grown women trying to emulate shows about teenage anime girls.


Marco Fucko

Read Terra Formars 😁
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Bruh, I click that twitter link and this is the third tweet down.
There's so much weeb shit, loli shit, and other assorted hentai at the very beginning of his page alone, that I can see where this is heading.
That screengrab is actually a joke about another anime/right wing twitter poster named Lucas. He was grooming a 13 year old and like 2 or 3 years later she stepped forward and leaked a bunch of his communications with her.

The core reasoning behind the joke is that his entire brand/air was that of wholesomeness, and then it turns out he attempts to groom a kid and was also dating a then underage tranny for a time.




View attachment 969436View attachment 969437View attachment 969438
View attachment 969440

Basically this person OD'd on blue pills and just went so far off the deep end I'm worried he's going to snap on someone IRL.

There's also public harassment posts in there about the dumbest shit imaginable.
Don't you have a pregnancy kink?

Kiwi Lime Pie

The tasteful summer treat. 🥝🥧🐈
I don't think anyone, in the history of the Star Wars fandom, has ever looked at a lightsaber duel and said "You know what would make this even cooler? Some 80s new wave music!"
As much as the content in the official video for Spandau Ballet's Gold might not mesh well with Star Wars, I can oddly see Rufus somehow squeezing the song and his own interpretation of it into one of his scripts -- even if it was nothing more than a song played/sung in a backwater cantina the main characters are hiding out or otherwise relaxing in.

The fact that Rufus comes up with such bizarre, out there, head-scratching ideas for his scripts and plots is what makes these posts so entertaining and amusing. How he behaves in the real world based on his headcanons is icing on the cake, except maybe for those that have to deal with his Star Wars spergery and improper behavior. Thanks for finally sharing, @TheImportantFart

I'm super pro-2A but these people are cancerous turbospergs.
I'd like to believe the average person accepts people exercising their 2A rights provided that the gun-holders act responsibly when it comes to their weapons. I agree that these die-hard activists seem to be more interested in in-your-face confrontations and attention-seeking than they are gun rights and 2A activism.

One such person in my region felt it was a good idea to open carry on the sidewalk outside of a high school. Sure, it was legal, and he stayed outside the defined weapon-free school zone, but it still prompted a lock-down and call to the police because schools take no chances when it comes to student safety and guns ever since Columbine. Yes, the guy made sure he stayed within the law, but stunts such as this tend to convince people -- especially those on the fence about 2A issues and topics -- that gun owners are irresponsible and need as many restrictions as possible to protect both themselves and the general public from them even though most gun owners prefer not to make a spectacle out of their choice to own and carry a weapon.


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@TheImportantFart @CWCissey

Rufus Wars: Behind the Scenes Special.

I guess that Rufus may have got the idea of a Death Star Star Destroyer from this piece of fanart found on Artstation:

I thought it was something he came up with himself, but it’s entirely possible. The rest of those scripts were plagiarised from a multitude of sources, so I’d actually be surprised if there was something original in there.
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Travis Touchdown Cumsock

What an absolute travesty.
oh btw here's his magnificent chimpout on the second account he snuck back in on, after being banned from my server


meanwhile his damning, shocking, life-ending screenshots he's been gathering...are these


This is fucking comedy gold and I can't get over it sorry :story:


and that's the tea, bitch.
Theres this gal i know, shes a full on female version of the typical weeb neckbeard. She believes she's a magical girl and angel, is only attracted to anime girls and hates female characters that are adored by fans (an example: she said she hates Marnie and Lilie from pokemon because theyre cuter than her and the fandom loves them). Is disabled and spends all of her disability check on video games on steam and anime figures. That's about it for now


Voltor for Glick
I just found old photos from a good ol personal lolcow when i was in college back in 2009.
He was my neighbor ( i lived in a student apartment complex) from what i remember he was in some special needs program (he has assburgers) and lived with some other autistic fool who was a lolcow in his own right too (sometimes they would fight and yell at eachother outside in the recreational area, it was golden).
He was from Dubai. From what people that knew him closely told me is that he's pretty much a bastard son and dead to his father and that his brother (who owns part of United Emirates Airlines and some big ass hotel in Dubai, he's an oil prince like the rest of his family, Im pretty sure he's a bastard/unrecognized Al-Falasi) felt petty for him, so he sent him to CA (Redlands) so he could develop independent adult life skills and go to college, shit like that.
One day i saw him cross dressing making a fool out of himself in a parking lot , he would yell out loud "is okay im gay!" (he wasn't really a homo, but he said and did that shit because he knew it could get him killed in Dubai and that people reacting in confusion or ignoring him in America was an alien/liberating experience to him). He was also obsessed with women footware/foot fetish.
He told me once his brother or father have a personal harem. And I remember the day after Osama Bin Laden's death he was telling everyone "ohh im sad my uncle just passed away";)



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My personal lolcow is a tard with ADHD who I briefly worked with at a tard factory, then copies me by going back to college.

Enter Tardette. I knew her from riding the bus in late elementary school , and she was a Walmartian when I worked there.

I got fired from Walmart. I am so bored being unemployed. With unemployment insurance. they basically want you to take any job or goodbye benefits. I was so desperate for work that I applied at a local job not knowing it was the local tard factory. I take the job. I did not work with Tardette until all shifts combine. Tardette found me on Facebook, added me, and refused to STFU whenever I logged on, so no more Facebook for me.Tardette has the personality and conversation skills of a NPC townsperson in an RPG. Not only do her social skills suck, but she sounds like she inhales helium and laughs at everything.. Me being fed up working at a tard factory applies to the local community college, Tardette wants to too.

Tardette being a hypersexual tard like our favorite female lolcow gets terminated for dating the manager. The office manager went out on a couple outings like a movie and dinner with Tardette. Tardette thinks they are just friends, I think this is completely ethically wrong. After her termination work makes her she a psychologist. I get a break from Tardette until second year of college. Oh yeah in this period she gets a job at a daycare then gets laid off. Since when do daycare s lay off?

She takes up culinary. Hallelujah the angels are singing. She is more obnoxious than a crack monkey ODing on crack, meth, and caffeine at the same time. You can hear the little bitch laugh in the cafeteria since it is the only place close enough to study and work on homework before and after class. Her classmates hate her, and she gets bullied. They only let Tardette bake cookies and make salad. Before I left for my internship, she needed help assembling motherfucking burgers. The two culinary aids were always with her and never left her alone.

Enter Spring semester. I am off to my internship gaining the skills I need for my real job instead of theory and book knowledge. Enter Tardette again. She barely passed fall semester with C’s. Now, Spring semester grades, she fucking failed computer applications and got a D in a culinary class. Tardette bitches and moans that she did nothing to nobody, so why would they put her on academic probation? I told her she needs to make up those classes, and that you need a minimum 2.0 GPA to graduate college. After I told her this, she refused to take my advice by repeating those classes. It’s all in the student handbook online.

Her study habits are deplorable. She hangs out at Walmart all the time after school, never studies while waiting for the bus, or watches YouTube videos about culinary skills. On top of that, her time management skills suck donkey balls. Example she will take the bus home from college, then call the buss again to shuffle her re-tarded ass to the gym which is a block away from the motherfucking school. I told Tardette that the school has a gym, and that she can keep her gym clothes in a motherfucking locker. She doesn’t listen. I gave the little tard advice on how to succeed in college, but she would rather pretend she is in the sped classes again and not real college.She hates how the straight A students pick on her. Tardette wants me be a sous chef, and tells me that after she graduates from culinary she will go back to college for gen ed classes. I asked why. Her response I don’t know which is her answer to everything.

Take two August. Tardette had an appointment with her advisor. Advisor didn’t mention anything about repeating classes or GPA but about a tutor. Tardette will have a rude awakening when she cannot graduate. The classes this year will be even harder yet. Will Tardette make it to Spring semester? Is a ethical to give a sub-70 IQ person student loan debt?

Random thought. Tardette collects tugboat for ADHD. She can only work part time. Won’t a chef’s salary if I am super duper :optimistic: cut her tugboat off?
Update. The semester is not even over yet, and Tardette was withdrawn from her classes because of low GPA. She has another meeting with her counselor next week. She told me how wonderful she was doing this semester. She is hopeful that they would let her back during the spring semester. Proof that the Dunning-Kruger effect is funny and real. :story: Up next in the Tardette saga, wait I never took out student loans and they keep calling me. Also, can’t find a job because not even the tard factory wants my re-tarded ass back.

Edit: She. Failed. Every. Single. One. Of. Her. Classes. This. Semester.
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Big Red.

He was a neighborhood haunt with the usual asperger's/autism tango. Built like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. He had, on multiple occasions, produced variable lengths of rope to tie kids to trees with. He had been seen carrying anything from walking canes to a big ass golf club. If he could swing it around, he owned it. Also everywhere was a wrestling wring and everyone needed a tombstone piledriver. We stood up to him eventually as a group of 5th graders and bombed his ass with rock laced snowballs. After a while asked us to stop, said he was proud of us, and invited us over to get free porn off his Xerox copier. He was pretty friendly after that and would randomly give us porn he printed out. I think he ended up in the military somehow but went AWOL. Haven't seen him since.

I have another but man its fucked.

An Sionnach Seang

Justin Bieber shit's like a cat!
another one involving Autistic Accountant (or as I've now dubbed him, Rocket Man, since he has habit of compulsively dashing to the door and back as if he has a rocket up his arse)
previous | previouser

when I went into work this morning I nearly tripped over him, as he was sat on the floor in front of the main door to the unit

there was something very odd about that, and sure enough, soon we could hear him making noises; he was quite literally bawling, had to be dragged upright (he had apparently lost the ability to stand up of his own accord), and taken to the break room to calm down

the reason? he'd tripped on the pavement on the way into work, and his umbrella and lunchbox had gone flying, and both had been damaged; to him, this was a total disaster

when a colleague reassured him "could have been a lot worse, you could have hit your head" his reaction was "maybe that would have been for the best"

he was given a task on the shop floor to take his mind off it, and settled down over the course of the day, but he spent the whole day under a funk; when he left, six hours later, he was still morose, whinging about it raining outside, yet not accepting the spare brolly offered to him, and when he talked about having 'emotional scars' from the fall that morning it took all my self-control not to laugh or show a visible reaction

he is the textbook definition of the term 'manchild'


♂Love and Muscle in Heaven♂
On a video game forum I was on some Turkish poster call Siyah Beyaz would ask pointless and irrelevant questions that only a Autistic person would post. His questions usually involved about japanese video games and anime and how it was never released in Turkey and everyone would get annoyed and make fun of him till he got banned.

I remembered him because another forum was talking about him and someon posted his Yahoo Questions account with amusing questions of why gets banned from online forums. If people want to read his questions of a autistic madman go ahead.



Wears a lab coat but curses like a sailor.
Update. The semester is not even over yet, and Tardette was withdrawn from her classes because of low GPA. She has another meeting with her counselor next week. She told me how wonderful she was doing this semester. She is hopeful that they would let her back during the spring semester. Proof that the Dunning-Kruger effect is funny and real. :story: Up next in the Tardette saga, wait I never took out student loans and they keep calling me. Also, can’t find a job because not even the tard factory wants my re-tarded ass back.

Edit: She. Failed. Every. Single. One. Of. Her. Classes. This. Semester.
Breaking news. Tards get special privileges and treatment. Failing an entire semester still gets you a degree and not having to repeat classes like normal above room temp IQ humans. Tardette will graduate this Spring. Up next nobody would hire an immature 5 year old with straight F’s the final year.

Edit: People are working their keisters off to make a 3.8 GPA, yet a tard who goofs around and earns a 1.25 GPA gets the same degree. This is what’s wrong with America.

Edit 2: Rules don’t apply to tards.
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Several months back, an iFunny user made a bot that could be used in chats. This bot had several functions, including a command that would reveal the alt accounts of a user. Over a year ago, the iFunny devs rolled out an anti-harassment measure. Every time you signed into a device, the app would remember the device. Therefore, all accounts you make on said device register as one account to the system. This is where the "block all users" function comes in. Instead of being used as it was intended, it became an exposing tool. Both of these functions remained dormant until about a month or two ago, when someone used the alt finder on a notorious user

ConservativeGirl has always been a sort of private lolcow, completely oblivious to the fact that most of her 10,000 subscribers are only there to laugh at her narcissistic ramblings and atrocious hot takes. She claims to be a devout Christian as well. One day, someone discovers the bot and uses it. Two other accounts pop up: rape_rp_sub and sub_rape_rp. Connect the dots

I did not save the famous image of her shoving a hairbrush up her pussy because I'm only 90% sure she's 18 and I can't confirm the toe-sucking picture is actually her boyfriend. She was also not the only target

This also happened to TBestIG, who got exposed for drawing/commissioning/jacking it to otter porn



Just an average joe
For some reason I am still participating in a Facebookgroup for (wannabe) authors. Their behaviour is... interesting. Someone claims that Hollywood stole his story and another one raged extremely hard about a funny posting about atheism and challenged the whole group to debate him on that before going on a rant and lecturing everybody about morale and religion