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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Feline Darkmage, Mar 19, 2016.

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Would you boycott American Women?

  1. Yes

    22 vote(s)
  2. No

    78 vote(s)
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  2. This man is a truly epic wanker. His dick would have to be operated on twice a year to keep it attached. Dozens, if not hundreds, of urologists have used him as a spring board to their career.

    Hey, at least that means he does have a positive contribution to the world!
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    glass_houses Tasty, tasty.

  3. I guess Petey boy decided to sell his soul to the brown devil after all. Guess the virgin offer was too tempting.
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  5. More lucid commentary from Peter Andrew Nolan - fact is, he couldn't go to his Mother's funeral because the coward faced arrest if he set foot in Australia, and every member of his own family wanted to beat the shit out of his fat body:



    Friday, October 28, 2016


    Sydney Murder Suicide Father, Mother, 2 children
    26th October 2016

    Geoff Hunt killed his wife and three children after his wife threatened to ruin his life in divorce.

    Last year I published the story of the murder suicide that happened in Boree Creek, which is just 30 miles from where I grew up.

    Geoff Hunt shot and killed his wife and his three children.

    You can read about that story on:

    Of course the “story” was “how could this man ever kill his wife and children like that”.

    Since I can completely sympathize with Geoff and I know exactly why he killed his wife and children I put comments in the comments section of the “Daily Advertiser” which is the local news paper of the town I grew up in.

    My comments were removed.

    I was contacted by the newspaper and I pointed out that the “Daily Advertiser” editor knows full well that the family law courts are a criminal enterprise and that men are routinely criminally victimised in these courts.

    I pointed out that the refusal of the editor of the Daily Advertiser to draw attention to these crimes against men were part of the reason that Geoff Hunt was well justified to kill his wife and children.

    Geoff Hunt knew full well his life was about to be ruined by his faithless wife and he knew that there would be no one on his side.

    Just like, in my case, even my cowardly father, John Thomas Nolan, chose to allow his own elderly and ill wife to be abused by my wife and her family.

    My father, John Thomas Nolan, of Wagga Wagga, allowed Bill Toal, also of Wagga Wagga, to refuse to give my father a phone number so that my elderly and ill mother, who was sliding in to dementia might talk to her grand children.

    Yes. You might think I made a typo. So let me say that again.

    My cowardly father, John Thomas Nolan, of Wagga Wagga, allowed his elderly and ill wife to be refused telephone contact while she was slipping in to dementia and she knew she was slipping in to dementia.

    I sat there with my elderly mother in front of me crying and begging me to please arrange for her to talk to her grand children because she knew she was losing her mind and she wanted to talk to her grand children.

    I put this question to every reader of this post.

    What sort of husband allows his elderly and ill wife, who is sliding in to dementia, and knows this is the case, to be abused by not being allowed to talk to her grand children when she knows her time is short?

    What sort of “man” allows this to happen?

    And Bill Toal? The man who refused to give my father the phone number of the grand children? What sort of “man” refuses to give another grandfather the number of his grand children so his wife can talk to them?

    And let us not forget Irene Toal, Bill Toals wife, also a grand mother.

    Irene Toal knew my mother for more than 30 years.

    And Irene Toal allowed my mother to be abused by refusing a phone number on which my mother could call her grand children.

    Now. If anyone in Australia (or anywhere else for that matter) would like to contact Bill and Irene Toal and express to them your complete, total and utter disgust that they refused to give an elderly and ill woman WHO TREATED THEIR GRAND CHILDREN AS HER OWN a phone number so she could talk to her grand children?

    Here are their contact details.

    They are in the phone book and have lived in the same house for 40 years.

    Bill & Irene Toal
    23 Fernleigh Road
    Turvey Park
    Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
    +61 2 69 25 40 41

    Now. Here is another question.

    What sort of people live in a society where this sort of abuse of an elderly and ill woman is considered acceptable?

    What sort of people live in a society where Bill and Irene Toal were invited to the funeral of the elderly and ill woman they abused AND THEY WERE WELCOMED!

    My mother actually died just a few years after that abuse from complications from her dementia. And Bill and Irene Toal were WELCOMED TO HER FUNERAL BY ALL AND SUNDRY!

    I was so disgusted at my father and the people of Wagga that I chose not to attend my mothers funeral if everyone else there was willing to TOLERATE MY MOTHERS ABUSERS WHO ARE ALSO CRIMINALS BEING IN ATTENDANCE.

    I mean, really, what sort of people live in a society where criminals WHO ABUSE ELDERLY AND ILL WOMEN are invited to that woman’s funeral and tolerated?

    I can say one thing for certain.

    I will not live among such disgusting people as that.

    I will not have anything to do with such disgusting people as that.

    The people of Wagga spoke in volumes that day at my mothers funeral.

    And they said


    And then, a few years later, a good man, a hard working man, are man who is the salt of the earth, a man who, by all reports, was a loving father and husband, has his wife attack him in the divorce courts and threaten to RUIN HIS LIFE.


    And then you people wonder…”why did this man kill his wife and children”?!


    And now what do we have in Sydney?

    We have another murder suicide.

    A man gassed his wife and two children to death.

    My question is this:

    What are the chances this was another woman threatening to ruin a mans life via the divorce courts?

    My bet is that this is the case.

    I have many reasons for making that bet.

    But my #1 reason is that the police are saying NOTHING about motive.

    They did the same in the Geoff Hunt case.

    But they were out of luck because, although I did not personally know Geoff Hunt, because he was 4th generation in the area, and I am also 4th generation in the area so I know people who knew Geoff and his family.

    Every single person I talked to said the same thing.

    Geoff Hunt was the nicest man you could ever hope to meet. A 4th generation farmer who had worked hard all his life to provide for his family. A man who dearly loved his wife and children.

    Every single person I talked to who knew him told me that there was talk of divorce and that Geoff was devastated because he knew his farm was going to be taken off him.


    And so I published my posts above and I told EVERYONE that this was a divorce case where the woman planned to RUIN THE MANS LIFE.

    I pushed the story so hard that, for the first time as far as I know, the coroners report said that:

    “marital strife may have contributed to events”.

    The Wagga Wagga Police, a disgusting group of criminal scumbags if ever there was one, had tried to cover up the fact that the woman was threatening to DESTROY GEOFF HUNTS LIFE in the divorce courts all through the investigation.

    These are the SAME SCUMBAG CRIMINAL POLICE OFFICERS who refuse to investigating the claims of Suzanne Toal, daughter of Bill and Irene Toal, that she was raped by both her father and brother Michael Toal as a teen girl.

    Michael Toal is ex-ASIO and stands accused of war crimes in Afghanistan when he was an ASIO agent working on the tax payer dollar.

    Because Michael Toal is ex-ASIO, and because he is mentally ill, and because he is aware of the war crimes the Australian government was involved in in Afghanistan because HE ORGANISED THEM, Catherine Burn, female, feminist, Deputy Minister for New South Wales Police, has buried the rape allegations and has ordered the scumbag criminals, also known as Wagga Wagga Police, to not investigate this credible accusation of rape of a teen girl 30 years ago. A woman who is now 50 and who refuses to take back her accusations that her father and brother raped her when she was a teen.

    Two words.


    While the media in Australia was having a feeding frenzy on the Rolf Harris case, Catherine Burn, as Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, removed my posts from her facebook about the accusations of Suzanne Toal against Bill Toal and Michael Toal, with 400 likes on it, because “public statements might bias any later prosecution”.



    I know which reason for Catherine Burn removing those comments sounds more plausible to me.

    So I ask again.

    What sort of people live in a society that allows ACCUSED WAR CRIMINALS to get their CREDIBLE RAPE ALLEGATIONS BY HIS OWN SISTER buried by a senior WOMAN police officer?


    The same sort of society that allows the exact same family to abuse an elderly and ill grand mother sliding in to dementia.

    And then we have the case we have today in Sydney.

    You can read about this murder suicide on…

    Since this happened in Sydney I did not know the family.

    There is speculation that the father killed the woman and children because it was “too hard” to raise children who were disabled.


    The clue that is in this story that I think is pertinent is that the woman had been talking about returning to Colombia.

    And my bet, and it is a bet, I have no proof, is that she was threatening divorce.

    And in Australia we know that means the woman can AND WILL walk in to the divorce courts and tell a whole bunch of lies, also known as perjury, and the criminals in the family law courts will DESTROY THE MANS LIFE as they have done so many times before.

    So all you people who read this and who are wondering…

    “How could this happen”?

    Go and look in the mirror and ask the person in the mirror this question.

    “What have you done to stop women committing perjury in the family law courts to ruin the lives of men and children since 2009 when those courts were proven to be a criminal enterprise ON VIDEO?”

    And if the answer from the person in the mirror is “nothing”?

    No amount of washing your hands will wash the blood of the children of Geoff Hunt and Fernando Manrique off your hands.

    You can say “off damn spot” as long as you like.

    But you will NEVER wash the blood of these children off your hands.


    And for all those of you who want so see the results of your handy work in supporting criminal women walk in to family law courts to destroy mens lives so that the men see there is no way out other than to kill the woman and the children?

    Here are some pictures to haunt your thoughts.

    I think I have made myself abundantly clear.

    Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c)
    aka Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)


    Social worker Isabella Almendrades with the tribute in St Mary’s Cathedral. Photo: Michele Mossop


    The mass at St Mary’s Cathedral was a solemn affair. Photo: Michele Mossop


    Father Emmanuel Yoon Jae Seo led the mass. Photo: Michele Mossop


    A prayer was offered during the solemn mass to remember those who had died in tragic circumstances, and particularly the Lutz-Manrique family. Photo: Michele Mossop


    Maria Claudia Lutz with her two children, Martin, 10 and Elisa, 11. Photo: Andrew Darby


    Maria Claudia Lutz, husband Fernando Manrique and children Martin and Elisa died in a suspected murder suicide. Photo: Supplied




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  6. Okay, so, a man refusing an elderly woman's requests to contact her grandchildren is the same as letting one of those disgusting subhuman women run society? Is that right? I'm trying to understand what he's carrying on about but it's like trying to find the opposite side of a Möbius strip. Each sentence contradicts the last.

    Btw, the murder-suicide of the Lutz family wasn't because of a money raking divorce. The marriage collapsed because of the strain of trying to raise two children with severe autism, and rather than letting his wife return to her family in Columbia who'd give her the support and help she needed, he killed himself and his family. Charming.
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  7. Jesus, what a tragedy with the Lutz family. However, that does kinda make one suspect that it's entirely possible Nolan's wife was a good deal less evil than he made her out to be, if his assessment of this murder-suicide was so off the mark. Then again, most people probably got that impression just watching his behavior.
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  8. There's no doubt you also have to take Nolan's version of any life event with a huge grain of salt. He is a seasoned liar and a psychopath. Love how Nolan publishes people's addresses and phone numbers and asks strangers to persecute them on his behalf but refuses to disclose the latest country he is hiding out in, which is Fiji. Wake up call Nolan! Australian Federal Police have a presence there!
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    #149 Illuminati Ingrid, Oct 27, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016
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  10. Shared more content that he didn't make, I don't know how long it's been since this guy actually uploaded his own videos. It seems like forever.

    Also I checked his channel's comments (I don't remember doing this before) and
    Oh hi Bernard Chapin
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    Feline Darkmage

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  11. Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag in that I browse 4chan on occasion, and by golly, I found something that could be considered quite the temper tantrum.

    So this guy posts this thread: http://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/718983364 (probably dead now, hopefully archived in the mine) for his site and stating his valiant crusade to boycott all American Women. Citing their likelihood to get fat, steal your money in divorce court, be obnoxious, unintelligence and most likely to cheat on you, he has resolved to boycott women and only date foreign women.

    Posting "e-mails" and "other men's experiences" regarding foreign women, he's already garnered some minor hate on his site. Already jumping to the fascist argument and censorship, he generally seems like a little jerk.

    Website: http://boycottbitches.com/

    Edit: Found his blogspot: http://boycottamericanwomen.blogspot.com/

    Several feminist articles already weighing in: http://feministing.com/2011/01/07/an-accidental-experiment-with-boycott-american-women/

    Double edit: God, this guy just leaves his stink all around the internet. If anyone finds names or pics, please tell me.

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    #154 Kitlen, Jan 15, 2017
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  12. doesnt seem like any of the people in that boycott really have to go out their way to not be around women
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    timecop nigga cortex

  13. From my research, he appears to go under the pseudonym "John Rambo" (showing how big his ego is). He apparently stalks random forums and posts his message, particularly feminist ones just to rile people up. He's gonna fuck up somewhere...
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    Kitlen Julie, Mr. 600... I'm making friends everywhere!
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    Kitlen Julie, Mr. 600... I'm making friends everywhere!
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  14. ICametoLurk

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  15. There is a prominent SlutHate user named John Rambo with a white power Pepe avatar, not sure if it's the same person. Wouldn't surprise me, though.


    Come to think of it, a lot of these guys probably don't even have jobs with which to afford the necessary paperwork and legal fees associated with "importing" a "better" foreign woman (and God only knows how he will treat her).

    And it's very optimistic to think that a foreigner would find you more attractive to begin with there, Rambo. :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:
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  16. Is this man insinuating that European women have low enough standards to fuck him, or...?
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    Infidel Have you been Haram or Halal?