PewDiePie says he will donate $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League - Says that he's doing it to "move on"

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Burning Blaze of Yahuwah
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Jun 14, 2018

PewDiePie, the first solo creator to pass the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube, has celebrated the milestone by announcing that he's donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – an organization that has controversially been seen as a proponent of YouTube policies that have harmed creators on the platform over the last few years.

PewDiePie made the announcement while unboxing his 100 million subscriber award from YouTube. He didn’t explain why he’d decided to donate to the ADL and simply framed it as “an additional celebration.” However, the decision has confused some followers, given that PewDiePie has previously called out organizations for being against free speech.

Some of PewDiePie’s fans are surprised and disappointed with the announcement and many of the comments on the video are highly critical of PewDiePie’s decision.

Some of the top comments from PewDiePie’s video which criticize the ADL.

Source: YouTube
The ADL has consistently pushed for stricter YouTube content moderation and its associate director Jonathan Vick also criticized PewDiePie directly in an article from The Wall Street Journal which used PewDiePie’s jokes out of context and successfully pressured Disney to cut ties with him in 2017.

In 2017, YouTube also made the ADL part of its “Trusted Flaggers” program – a group of organizations that consult with YouTube on how to tackle issues such as “hate speech.”

YouTube’s “hate speech” policies have led to a wave of censorship across YouTube and resulted in many creators of innocuous content having their videos removed or demonetized.

For example, British model maker Phil Page says that these “hate speech” rules are having a negative impact on people in the model making and tabletop games communities. Shortly after YouTube introduced its new “hate speech” rules in June, one of Page’s eight-year-old videos showcasing a model that he had created for use in the game “A Very British Civil War” was deleted by YouTube for supposed “hate speech.”

Independent journalist Ford Fischer who produces on the ground reporting also had his entire YouTube channel demonetized and some of his videos removed for apparent “hate speech” violations. The videos that were removed were simply documenting specific events. One notable aspect of Fischer’s videos being removed and demonetized is that those who were pushing YouTube to enforce more aggressive “hate speech” policies complained when these policies had unintended consequences and impacted Fischer’s channel.

The wider impact across the YouTube community is significant with YouTube reporting earlier this month that it had removed 5x more videos and channels for “hate speech” in Q2 2019. In raw numbers, that equates to more than 100,000 videos being deleted and more than 17,000 channels being terminated.

Despite the collateral damage that these “hate speech” rules caused to the creator community on YouTube, the ADL welcomed them and pushed for even more censorship by saying:

“We were glad to share our expertise on this and look forward to continuing to provide input. While this is an important step forward, this move alone is insufficient and must be followed by many more changes from YouTube and other tech companies to adequately counter the scourge of online hate and extremism.”
The ADL’s push for stricter policies on speech also extends far beyond YouTube. Earlier this year, the ADL attended a summit with others tech companies to formulate “best practices on the fight against hate and extremism online” – what has been seen as a vague and subjective term which many see as a way for the group to push more online censorship.

Update – September 11, 2019: PewDiePie has released the following statement on his ADL donation:

“Misrepresenting headlines of me has led me down a path of twists with MSM [mainstream media] for years now. Previously it hasn’t bothered me much, I know who I am.

But, after the Christ Church travesty a few months ago, my own clash with MSM was manipulated as a tool for destruction.

I’m not ok with this situation any longer and I’ve felt responsibility to make changes.

Making a donation to the ADL doesn’t make sense to everyone, especially since they’ve outright spoken against me. I wanted to show publicly that I can move past it and move on.

I think that it’s important, this just isn’t my fight anymore.”


Coconut Gun

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Jul 14, 2016
I'm sure that this will be enough of an apology, and no one will go after him anymore for the sin of being an un-woke white male.

Also, I hate it when celebrities announce a donation. They take something where the point is supposed to be helping those less fortunate than yourself, or supporting a cause you believe in, and turn it into a way to say "Look how much of a good person I am."
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the late nightmare special
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Jan 5, 2015
To me this is not entirely dissimilar to his past moves where he said he'd quit YouTube back when it was fashionable to bank on depression, then winning more subs and views in the end. I also think him "relenting" about saying nigger was another opportunity for him to bank on subs and views. It seems like this is the kind of thing to make SJW's flip their shit.

Then again everything about this does scream fishy as fuck.


Smartest monkey on the spinning space rock
Apr 16, 2018
Yeah, this is gonna hurt Pewd's bottom line more than saying "nigger" on a live stream.

This is Taylor Swift, Marvel comics and Gillette levels of dumb.

You don't pay off bullies and then piss on your fanbase by stating the fact during your celebration of getting 100 million subscribers.

And the funniest part is that this won't buy this mentally challenged Swede one iota of space or love from his detractors.

Big brain, indeed.


Burning Blaze of Yahuwah
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Jun 14, 2018
Fun Fact: The ADL was created to protect a pedophile name Leo Frank for violating child labor laws, murdering a girl, and framing a black man for his crime.

So that's what he is donating towards.
Not exactly...

Yes, Leo Frank was completely railroaded. Not only do most scholars think he was innocent, they’re fairly certain Jim Conley, the factory’s janitor, raped and killed Mary Phagan.

The governor of Georgia reduced Frank’s sentence from the death penalty to life. Even though he was in jail and would be for a very long time, he was kidnapped from his cell and hanged. No one was charged. Leo was pardoned in 1986, and his conviction and lynching are still considered a major early miscarriage of justice.

Ted Gazynski
Sep 8, 2019
He’s signalling that he’s backing down. People who think he isn’t right wing are stupid, he recommended books by Yukio Mishima and followed obscure people on twitter connected with the French New Right. He’s not an alt right sperg, but he was clearly moving in a serious right wing direction prior to Brenton Tarrant’s decision to sabotage him by yelling “subscribe to Pewdiepie” before going on a murderous rampage. Now he is worried for his livelihood and likely thinking about the future of his marriage and possible children. Nobody wants to be embroiled in this type of scandal that could see their job ripped away from them in an instant.

The blatant way in which he is doing it is interesting, he could very well be in a position where the ADL has compromising materials on him and he is hoping they do not release it if he begins backing them and stop talking about anything vaguely political, which he has.

All in all, it’s sort of sad but not unexpected. RIP
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Done With All this Liberal Bullshit
Sep 4, 2019
This whole thing reeks of blackmail and extortion to me. Pewdiepie makes mistakes like the rest of us. Hell I can count the number of times I've raged playing Bioshock and saying racial expletives (not on livestream of course) Someone is pulling the strings behind this and I want to know who.

He is going to potentially lose millions of subscribers for this decision. Someone is forcing his hand to do this and if it were me, depending on what the 'blackmail' these cucks have is, I'd refuse. Tell them to fuck off with their bullshit and yeah I did some dumbass shit. So does everyone else, not illegal? Then shutup.

Felix needs to fucking grow a pair and stand up to these dipshits.