Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins - Killstream slampig & abortion addict

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Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins / Killstream Pey
update on our gorl since the creation this op...
she's not only joined ip2 but found a simp to milk, and he is in fact prolific in his simpdom name Kelvin Mcdonalds.
His mission: to save the white race.
His plan: to remind most white women (and some men) he interacts with it's time to have a baby :)
Kate Mara, Katy Perry, Charlotte Flair, Robyn, Unknown woman, Jill, Bar Refaeli, Rebecca Kufrin, Renee Young, Connor McGregor, Abby Huntsman, Angelo John Gage, Lacey, Erin Andrews, Brittany Daniel, Allie Beth Stuckey, Paige Spiranac, Mark Madsen, Richard Spencer, Mark Madsen part 2, Meghan McCain, Robyn (again), Erica Rose, a mormon whore in a poly marriage, Jenna King Jones, Ann Coulter, Bill Hemmer, Chael Sonnen, Charlie Kirk , Jimmer Fredette, Lauren Witzke, Lauren Witzke 2, Joe Scarborough, Kayleigh McEnany and many more!

On peypeys first day on the job so to speak as an ip2 streamer she tries to engage the live chat (which is half the experience btw). in the clip below our darling peypey the abortion addict tried to shut it down and ip2 chat had none of it.
she's also mentioned kiwi farms as of late provided in the clip locally archived by (@anuscabbage12) & (@voidBits) ...

"don't believe everything you read on kiwi farms." PeyPey piggins abortion addict & Slampig.
And how is it working out for her? Well here she can be seen fighting with a crackhead as she tries to direct her shitskin simps to help her out as she repeats her mantra which is links in this op "I don't like drama." Well lass you're in the wrong fucken place. ( / (
"I'll take over ip2. Watch." (a)

Age: 23
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 125lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Tumblr (it's 30+ vids of her taking bong rips, if you look at it using a tumblr viewer that shows NSFW posts, none are of her but stuff she reblogged):

( (OLD)

here's a video of her doing something grotesque.


( Joined Dec 12, 2019
( Joined Dec 21, 2013
( Joined Jun 26, 2011

Besides the post admitting to trying to kill herself I found this post to be very interesting when it comes to her state of mind:

Social media:
Date of birth: Feb 10th 1997

284 Manchester St
Fall River, MA 02721
pic taken from instagram which verifies location:
(street view)
of course they claim to have a host of mental disorders.
(archive) (archive) (archive) (archive)
Twitter accounts:

thanks to @Squire of Gothos and @TriggerMeElmo
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So piggins used to be digibros gf? She really knows how to pick winners huh.
No, digibro's ex is May, she's got a thread here. Pey is the one who makes TikTok videos and has shown up in a few of Ralph's IRL streams (AZ and now Tampa). To my knowledge she hasn't dated anyone in Ralph's orbit. There was speculation a few months back that she and Ralph were dating. On a livestream, Josh said something about it, and Ralph admitted to dating Ade.