Disaster PG&E has begun cutting power across parts of Northern California. Nearly 800,000 customers will be affected -


That wouldn't surprise me. Either way PG&E shot themselves in the foot if they think shutting off the power all at once was the right move. Should have done it this summer and in parts so as not to fuck over everyone at once. But it's California fucking people in the ass is California's specialty!
I am waiting for California suing them for depriving special needs people of power and forcing them to turn power on
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So the solution to a potential problem of trees falling over and hitting HVPLs is to just shut off electricity for a giant region of the state for multiple days, instead of hiring a couple guys with chainsaws and ATVs to ride long the power lines and trim out the trees that are growing too close or might be dying off and liable to fall over in a strong wind.

Seems legit. I wonder how much profit PG&E made last fiscal year and how much their top execs get paid.
The execs didn't earn much. They are in the process of getting their balls sued off/absorbing massive fines for having crews out last year that were blamed for starting a few fires. No proof but they got all the blame.

This is them flexing and showing the dipshits that it isn't a good idea to fuck with the power company to the point where they can't do their jobs.


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California really is the asshole of the nation.

Makes me feel slightly better about living in the Deep South. Sure, our education system sucks, our legal system is a web of corruption and religious meddling, the state of our roads would embarrass a third world nation, and our idea of Chinese food doesn't extend past Panda Express...

... But at least we're not fucking California.


The power outages aren’t expected to hit the wealthy suburbs of Silicon Valley (near the bay), so this mostly affects California’s forgotten red voters while Newsom heroically replies to Trump tweets and signs rent control bills.
>implying Silicon Valley hasnt been taken over by leftards

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