Megathread Phil buying edgy shit megathread - Your tax dollar at work


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Odd how Chris and Phil don't even move up to colored pencils. It's gotta be just markers for color.

I guess sharpening a pencil is too much work to them.
Probably because markers tend to have a more vivid color and both are autistic. Hilariously, I'd still say crayons are better in that respect since you can use them as poor-man's oil paints.


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As if his own funk wasn't enough
Why does he want to repel them? I guess he’s scared of fighting them. Sad!

He’s kind of reached a self-induced impasse. He buys new tard toys to try to intimidate us, but it’s old news. Like, oh, you’ve got pepper spray? We already knew that. He’s already claimed to have knives, batons, guns and all sorts of other mall ninja gear. We’ve seen it all before. It’s not scary, because we know he’s just going to hoard it, maybe play pretend on his own in his apartment.

The only way he can step things up, other than taking his lies to extremes (“My contact in Russia got me a tank! Watch out Kiwis!”) or extremely stupid (“I’m building a IUD! Dose Kiwis will get a big surprise when dey invade my apartment!”), is to actually attack someone. And we all know how likely that is.


They said this bomb was clean
$100 says that if Mr. Isaboy ever tried to actually pepper spray someone, he'd end up holding the can the wrong way or spaying it into the wind, thus only managing to spray himself.
I imagine he would waddle in the direction he was spraying
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Bad thing. If he blew his fingers off he can't type; if he can't type he can't generate content.
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He’d only wind up blowing his own fingers off.
I'm not convinced the OP here didn't mean the other meaning of "IUD".

Plenty of troons have claimed they go for pap smear tests and the doctor's can't tell the difference between inside-out dick hole and a real, functioning vagina and cervix. Some man in a dress has probably already asked for an Intra-Uterine Device (it's a contraceptive, commonly known as "the coil") as beats off every night to the thought of getting one installed somehow.

Phil's not quite at Jonathan Yaniv levels of lies and delusion (yet), though. Speaking of which, I wonder what spudboy thinks of the Yaniv case? Probably that everything is cancelled out by our being mean and calling him a he.

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