Phil-related songs/remixes -


The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas
Big Ups Liquid Richard


Easy to eat
I wrote this parody of Piano Man a few months ago. If anybody with musical talent cares to make it into a full song, you're more than welcome.

It's ten o'clock on a streaming day
The regular pigs wander in
There's a fat man sitting on the couch
Hasn't bathed, and is reeking of gin

He says "snort Can you cheer, sub and tip me?
I'm not really sure what I owe
But I need it complete, or I'm out on the street
So please give me all of your dough."


Beg us for dough, you're the Piggy Man
Beg us for dough today
Well we all love your kwality khantent
And you need that money, okaaay?

Now John and Howard were friends of his
They did Project 7 for free
And they laughed at Phil's jokes all about ethnic folks
But they draw the line somewhere, you see

They say "Phil, you can't monetize tragedy!
Of our friendship, there's barely a trace
And we know that we both could lead better lives
If you would get out of our face"


Now chat's moderated by Swagginz
Who might as well be Phillip's wife
And detractors like Tevin and emerald_seven
Are trying to ruin his life

And Catherine is practicing hair tricks
And Leanna, her soap-making gig
Yes, they're getting the hell out of Renton
'Cause it's better than feeding the Pig

Beg us for dough, you're the Piggy Man
Beg us for dough today
Well we all love your kwality khantent
And you need that money, okaaay?

Interaction is slow for a streaming day
And the Pigroach just lets out a sigh
'Cause he knows it's just him while Kat's off at the "Jim"
And he's tahxic, but doesn't know why

And his cries for donations are laughable
As the tax season draws ever near
As they sit in the chat and dump bits in his hat
He'll say "snort 'Nother hundred bitcheer"

Beg us for dough, you're the Piggy Man
Beg us for dough today
Well we all love your kwality khantent
And you need that money, okaaay?

Prince Lotor

Evil makes Kova a happy kitty
@Crichax that was from his Rockband 4 playthrough. . .that he was payed $1,250 for. The only thing that poster edited on the audio was basically turing up the volume on the instrumental track. Here's a highlights of that playthrough, he """sings""" Dragula at 41:39. . .yes, he was paid munny for that arm-flailing muppet performance :roll:
He is unironically this much of a cringe-lord. Negative self-awareness, so unself-aware his every description is of himself and the constructed phantoms that haunt his mind, yet he truly believes he is talking about other people.
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i would post only 2 I know that could be associated with Phil off-hand, but they'd be too obvious; still, here they are:



Shout out LSB, DarkDave, Tevin, and Soma
Could someone make a remix of the Song Simi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind since Phil sang almost the whole song horrible a few weeks back. It would make my day :)

Slimy Time

Rape Face #3
Not a song but one of the cringe inducing things he did for his Rock Band 4 playthrough. I imagine this is what he does when he jerks it before he starts his streams.


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