Phil should transition to IRL streaming -

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He did a few cooking streams, and food "review" streams with his exwife and all I remember was an almost constant stream of the classic pigroach snort. IRL streams would just be that but with him walking down the street.

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He did it that fast without looking at porn that's pretty impressive.

If he wanted to make alot of money he would do that thing camgirls do where they put the vibrator in them that's activated by donations.
I think the uric acid might dissolve them fairly often. Digital buttplugs aren't goutproof
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He can't do an IRL phone stream because his phone camera resolution is way better than the 480p webcam. Last time he did an "emergency" phone stream due to his temporary internet outage, we were able to see his face/patchy beard/balding scalp in full high-resolution glory, and he won't make the mistake of giving us that opportunity ever again.

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An IRL stream would be problematic since he's too afraid to show his Wahkahndo to demented, mentally-ill detractors who present a constant threat to his well-being. Forget streaming outdoors, he's practically agoraphobic.


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You know he would film himself watch wrestling

I was actually surprised that he never did that.

Hell, DSP SHOULD do a "live reactions" Wrestlemania stream. It would be something he is actually interested in, and he could make a few easy sheckles in the process.

It's weird that he's so pinwheel about his schedule that he actively avoids doing things at their peak interest. He played MLB all spring, but didn't play it during the All Star game nor the World Series. He's had fake Royal Rumbles, but to my knowledge never did it during the actual Rumble itself. He waited until all the Apex hype died down to play it, and then ranted against streamers who "dropped everything they were doing and disrespected their audience" to play it. Just weird shit.

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