Horrorcow Philip Sutcliffe / Fiona Cooper / Chloé Cooper - Prolific pornographer, sextortionist, child molester, viewed CP "while policing his copyrights"

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Jun 13, 2016
Those of you (@Tennis Monkey for example, whose reference to remembering this person's activities inspired this thread) who viewed pr0n in Britain pre-internets will no doubt have come across a company calling itself Fiona Cooper. The spiel was that Fiona Cooper was a rather MILFy half-French model who'd opened this business with her daughter Chloé selling "sexy videos, not sex videos" and as such the women who they'd employed to disrobe on camera and engage in gratuitous lesbionics with each other were women who you, the wanksmith, were more likely to know in real life. This sort of thing sells rather well amongst Britbongs who have had "readers' wives" in their printed gentlemen's literature for decades.

There was just one small problem. Fiona Cooper was, in fact, this person:


(This is the only work safe picture I could find of him. Be thankful.)

A fat, balding, sweaty, borderline impotent pederast.

See, Phil "Sooty" Sutcliffe, of Throstle Nest Farm, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX3 8JR (no relation to Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper), had a rather successful and lucrative business model. He would pay over the odds for tyro glamour models, up to £500 a day in fact which was reportedly over the odds for this sort of thing back in the 1980s esp. for someone with no experience, to come to his isolated farmhouse in Yorkshire and pose and/or disrobe or whatever in front of his camera. He would then sell tapes and, later, DVDs of this via mail order in glossy catalogues which you could order from the back of the Sunday Sport and similar publications. This was of course illegal, selling porn through the mail, but he got away with it because the videos and DVDs were sold basically unmarked bar a cheaply printed catalogue number so nobody had reason to think that there was any skulduggery going on.

What he would reportedly also tell these inexperienced tyro models was that any hardcore scenes he did with them, and he would browbeat them into doing same with them by threatening to cancel the cheque he paid them with, not let them call a taxi from his isolated farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, etc, were for "his own private collection," but then mysteriously these clips would surface on reissues of that video further down the line, and on Xhamster. He got away with this because back then there was a stigma to being outed as an adult model, nobody would believe them, and "sextortion" wasn't yet a thing even though he was doing it. Basically he'd drop his trousers and wander in front of the camera to see if he could cajole the poor girl into giving him a free thrust.

(He never did this with more well known or experienced models, in fact he was reportedly the epitome of professionalism with them which meant he got glowing endorsements in trade papers from same.)

Here is a Zoopla listing from his attempt to sell the isolated farmhouse back in 2015. From the pictures you can see that a lot of the rooms in it have been the sets for his adult videos. Notice in particular the very distinctive fireplace in picture 9.

He got away with this inauspicious conduct for decades. It was only in 2002 that he was hauled up before the Courts for sexually assaulting a pair of teenage girls he set on to work on his farm (he and his wife were allegedly gardening fans and also sold gardening videos and DVDs as well) and for possessing child pornography, which he claimed he ran into by accident while trawling the internets to check his company's material wasn't being pirated.


Despite this conviction, he recovered, and continued his antics. That all changed earlier this year, when he was imprisoned again for sexually assaulting teenage girls.

He is currently in the nick, and Fiona Cooper Audio Visual Ltd, his company, is claiming on its website to have closed up. However, from 1978 to 2017 his company was a household name in Britbong pornography and, despite his habit of sticking New Age music over the top of his shoots (why he did this I'll have no idea; I think it's what he thought a MILFy half-French ex model would do to deflect the stereotype of pornographers being sweaty fat balding creephats), a lot of his stuff was genuinely nicely filmed and edited and you can find quite a few "before they were famous" materials of girls who went on to be bigger names in the world of adult modelling - Sarah Louise Young, Vida Garman, Clare Olsen, Cate Harrington, Amanda Long, Tanya Tate, Teresa May (not that one); all passed through his farmhouse in Yorkshire at some point. But also a lot of girls went into his farmhouse and came away thinking "never again," and well they ought.

If you want to see some non work safe pictures of the man, dinner is served.

If you want to see his videos, a lot of them can be found on this Xhamster channel. For additional nightmare fuel, think about his proclivities above, then think about how many videos he put out with a woman wearing a school uniform of some sort... (:_(

(Those links are of course NSFW).

Sources (assume NSFW unless stated otherwise):

- His website complete with the :ruse: about Fiona and Chloé et al. Note that it doesn't say that they're closing down because the bloke behind it is in the nick for sexually assaulting teenage girls.

- A thread on BGAFD from "FCHelen," one of his victims / models who has some extremely informative things to say about the man and his works.

- A blogger claiming to be a person working behind the camera in pr0n and his sources about Phil Sutcliffe and his activities.

- Fiona Cooper World, an extremely autistic cataloguing and classification of every single video, DVD, etc., including re-releases, that Sooty put out. There are over 10,000 of them.

- Companies House data for Passdata Ltd, formerly Fiona Cooper Audio Visual Ltd. Contains his company accounts going back to 1995 for free so you can see how much cashola he made off his barely legal (in every sense) videos.

I haven't been able to find any of his gardening videos. I don't know if I should be thankful for that or not.


Aug 9, 2018
Slight correction to the original thread: You say "no relation to Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper", actually they are related. I was first told that they were cousins, but since been told that was a shorthand way of referring to their relationship, and it is something like second cousins, or cousins once removed.

Also (and I am not 100% certain of this as I heard it from only one source, but a normally reliable source) I am told that Chloé Cooper is not one of Philip Sutcliffe's aliases, but the alias of the person who ran the company when he was in jail the first time.

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Oct 11, 2014
Surely sounds like a repulsive individual and piece of human shit, but I don't see much lolcow potential considering he's in the slammer for the forseeable future.