Megathread Phil's Crowdfunding Adventures - Smokes weed every day, claims bipolar disorder

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I love how these "anarchist" Antifa clowns use titles like 'Mayor' and 'Minister' when those are titles for positions within an established government they are supposedly fighting against.

EDIT: I'm entirely convinced this kind of behavior is what happens when you never entirely outgrow RPing anime characters but you also happen to be autistic as fuck.
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Nah, the idiot's name is Conrad and he is now banned too.
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Strange that this Antifaggot Soyboy didn't commiserate Phil getting banned. :story:
So is constructing a sentence like that some 4d chess way ban evasion / beating surveillance or because they are simply retarded

Didn’t Tweak and Phil have a falling out at some point back in the day due to Phil’s behavior, or is this a different individual waste of taxpayer money?
I have a vague memory of Phil trying to date him or something.
Mike only uses the tweaker alias on the farm. Last I checked he has no contact with Phil and is getting on with a drama free life.y

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I’m not usually in favour of the suppression of free speech, but it does amuse me when these keyboard warriors proclaim how badass they are, only to get shut down by some low-level soyboy at Twitter HQ.
Free speech doesn't apply to social media like Twitter. It's a private entity/website and is able to do as it wishes. When someone signs up for a Twitter account they agree to certain rules and guidelines stating what kind of content the user is allowed to post, such as no pornograhy or abusive/violent/threatening language. If that member violates those rules and guidelines, then Twitter can do whatever they want with the account. The user doesn't own their account, Twitter does. It's just like if someone were to come into your house and starts being abusive, you have a right to kick them out of your home because that's your private property. But these entitled, self-centered special snowflakes like Phil and his playmates don't get that.


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Because if he actually committed any crimes he would risk losing his Tugboat, apartment, and access to all those sweet social programs that allow him to continue to avoid getting a job.
Good chance he'd either catch a beating or a bullet too. Even a stupid little tuber like Phil knows that he'd get his ass kicked for attempting to pull off any sort of criminal activity like robbing people or a store.