Phil's Dark Skin Anxiety - Strong Conditioned Response or Garden Variety Racism?

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After revisiting this thread due to boredom, I stand by my initial assessment that DSP bites his nails whenever urban characters appear on screen to avoid saying anything overtly racist.

Three reasons why:
1. A few months ago when people were coming on his stream informing him of Tevin’s birthday, DSP went on an hour long unhinged rant about how he’s a thief and criminal hence anything positive/ charitable Tevin does is akin to having the local drug dealer giving money to charity using his illegal gains. Notice how he instantly equated Tevin to a drug dealer. Not someone who commits fraud, theft, or white collar crime but used a metaphor to compare him to a drug dealer without a second thought. It’s pretty normal for most racist people to assume most drug dealers are predominantly African American and it’s no surprise DSP’s unfiltered, honest assessment of Tevin would be to paint him as a drug dealer (probably doesn’t help that he knows Tevin vapes and has neck tattoos to which Phil has alluded people being losers for having/ doing either or both).

2. For my second piece of evidence, PandaLee gives us insight about what goes on “behind the scenes.” The Farms historians are well aware of PandaLee’s racist inclinations and one video had her constantly making exceptional remarks that a black character appeared on screen. She simply wouldn’t let it go: “oh look, this guy is black! Of course he’s going to the be the first one to die, he’s black!” Queue about five minutes of such remarks. Now, these lowbrow mentions of a character’s skin pigmentation were done during pre-facecam days and we couldn’t see Phil’s reaction to such racist remarks. However, his lack of retort towards these remarks were replaced by constant attempts to steer his daughter’s racism back to other parts of the gameplay. His frustration at Leanna‘a comments indicated that such comments were to be made in private, only for the two of them as it is apparent that it was most likely Phil who coached her in being a racist little cunt. How do I know this? Let’s look at point number 3.

3. For this piece of evidence, we have to look at a vlog involving DSP, Rambo, and Howard. The three American stallions were frequenting a local Burger King and Phil being typical tough guy Phil started making “jokes” about a Sikh individual wearing his turban. DSP couldn’t let it go. Cracked jokes about 9/11. Terrorism. Bombing the restaurant. In typical Phil fashion, none of the jokes were funny and kept driving them into the ground until both Howard and Rambo started getting uncomfortable (although Howard being the typical suburb hick that he was, seemed to enjoy these jokes at the beginning).

DSP is a guy who laments at his inability to be crass, racist, and sexist on stream these days. He’s 100% a closet racist and covers any denunciations with how he has “changed” over the years. As usual, he’s a fucking liar and hasn’t changed one bit.

Last but not least, I hate myself for typing all of this and thinking about this so exhaustively. I have truly displayed my exceptionalism to everyone today. Please send your ‘tism trophies my way.

PS - if someone wants to link the videos to the segments I mentioned, I’d really appreciate it.
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Let me play devil's advocate and merely offer counter points to yours.

1. Dave lives a fairly sheltered life and as such he isn't aware of many career paths that would be illegal. He used drug dealer because to him that's the biggest most illegal thing he could think of on the spot, not an association of black guys = drug dealers

2. It's a fairly well known movie trope that "the black guy dies first". PandaLee starting it wouldn't necessarily mean she's racist, she's just trying to show how clever she is by catching on to that trope so early. Her repetition of it may be more her attempt at humor, rather than a statement. In fact, Dave's own style is to repeat what he just said, only with the words rearranged. Panda might have gotten that commentary "style" from him and tried to use it.

3. Since Rambo and Howard were his closest... Only friends, it would be a safe assumption that they are used to the language they speak around each other on a daily basis. By noticing that Howard and Rambo became uncomfortable with Dave's racist mocking, it wouldn't be our of the realm of possibility that Dave was attempting to be funny to his audience and that wasn't how he spoke normally. Because if it was, his friends would have been used to it and not even recognized what he was going on about.

Personally, I think he's racist. That particular pocket of New England is just loaded with racists now because their towns went to shit, minorities bought up the cheap land and moved in and gentrified that area. And all the white people are pissed because they don't have their perfect white town like in the 1950s,and they blame all of it on minorities, despite them actually being the reason that area is anything but a festering garbage dump for the east coast.

Go drive around Yale and you'll see what I mean.

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So for those looking for some fresh fuel for the racist fire, here's a fun one for you.

During today's KOTOR stream, Phil explained during the prestream that he normally plays a 'goodie-two-shoes-style' character in RPGs, and that this playthrough he thought it would be fun to make 'negative' or 'dark side' choices to see how that plays out.

Now the interesting thing is Phil's character choice. We know that typically, Phil will painstakingly craft characters that look as much like him as possible. This time, he claims he 'messed around with the character creator' and just went with what he got. Keep in mind, KOTOR has a limit of probably 10 heads and 3 skin colours. This is Phil's character:
Black Phil.PNG

So, to summarize. For the first time ever, Phil chose a character that didn't look like him and is going to make the character evil. And he made the guy black. Coincidence? Fantasy? Tevin? He won't have nails left by the end of this one.

Also, as a bonus, he named him the Star Wars version of 'Dave'.


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