Phil's Dark Skin Anxiety - Strong Conditioned Response or Garden Variety Racism?


Feelin' Healthy
Phil isn't closet racist, he's just racist similar to many lower-middle class white kids that grew up around coloreds.
This actually reminded me of a story.

One of my friends told me about a time he was riding with his grandma, and she pointed at someone and said "I don't want you hanging around with those gangsters."

My friend laughed internally because it was me walking down the street carrying library books.

Phil's a cautious racist. The kind who crosses the street rather than share the sidewalk with a coloured person.

I doubt his upbringing would legitimately have been bad enough to mentally scar him/condition him like that. I vaguely recall his mother making questionable comments (and his parents certainly were of that generation to be racist)

What makes me think that he is more racist than first thought was those messages to Sidella, about apes. The tone seemed odd, but I don't know his intention, could have been inadvertent. I just got the feeling of one person elbowing another and saying 'not here' rather than 'not ever'.