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So ever since Kat moved into the snort fort, Phil has gone from googling over sex to acting like a fucking puritan. He closes his eyes when characters are kissing, he sighs when they're holding hands, etc. Whether it's because Kat hates it or Phil thinks that that's what mature adults do, it doesn't change the fact that he acts like a 6 year old walking through the bra section of Victoria's Secret whenever any sort of intimacy comes on screen.


Yakuza with their dating side-quests and romance has been a target for the Pigroach and his autistic reactions towards this idea and it has only gotten worse. All discussion towards this autistic tick can now go here

All credit goes to @Dread Pirate Retard for saying that this should be a thing and I think it now warrants itself to be it's own thing with how common it is

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"im trying to put out a fun gameplay stream not broadcast sexual content to the globe"

*thinks about the hundreds of times phil has made sexual jokes"

ya sure buddy, whatever ya need to tell ya self
Didn’t he jack off live to the globe?

Being a Puritan it may be him just desperately trying to keep his twitch/YouTube streaming afloat since he has been kicked off platforms for indecent conduct in the past.

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You gotta ease him into it, he requires a build up, a relationship development. Then he might allow a woman to feed her baby, otherwise he has a problem with that child being fed.


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Someone posted this video in the DSP general already but I think it should be posted here and pointed out to those who think it has something to do with his upbringing. He did an hour long video with Panda just browsing porn titles and joking about them

Even around 3 years ago he was still making perverted jokes about anime high schoolers. This video is titled "HOLY BONERVILLE" and the first couple minutes is just him making jokes about anime tits

His "mature adult" comments predate this video, which is why I see Kat as the catalyst for his weird shift in perspective on sex. He also now says he only wants to experience sex/romance in movies or video games if his wife is with him. She's got him tight by the balls


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His upbringing might have some role to play in his sudden pivot from mouth-drooling degenerate to sexual recluse, but then the burden of explaining why he was a degenerate for so many years before this happened becomes pretty impossible. The only major change in DSP's life that aligns with timeline is the presence of Kat.

There's something there.


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I feel that even had Kat not been there, he would still be censoring himself, not so much as avoiding things, but more of the same lines how he'll insult people and call them stupid, but no longer use the word retarded. Like he wouldn't make anymore rape jokes per say, but he would still make his hilarious jokes about a women's tits being flat or go goo-goo gaga over some hot chick. It would certainly make his Yakuza playthroughs more interesting as we'd have milk to draw from the dating minigames.

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Yes his severe discomfort towards sex and romance (especially involving women) is separate from his self-censoring capitulation to the Twitch platform (independent guy though). He definitely would have bent to the will of the TOS in order to survive, but Twitch allows real life breast-feeding on stream doesn't it? So his reactionary breast-feeding freak-outs definitely aren't related.

Maybe one day Kat and Dave were out and about window shopping at the mall and Kat caught Dave checking out a mother's veiny breast as she fed her baby and Kat gave Dave an ultimatum? Just spitballing.


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That, or going off of what you said several days ago, it's option 3 - the most retarded theory, that being which Dave is so autistic that he actually thinks that this how married couples and mature adults actually act.

That in reality, Kat doesn't give 2 shits about any of that or isn't a huge puritan. Dave just believes that in order to keep his maid, he has to act like this. If she had a bigger presence, then I don't think that Dave would be allowed to play any games with a playable female character or a hint of romance, he's just that autistic

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I want to agree with the theory that this is all just because Dave thinks this is how a married man is supposed to act (with the intent to keep his wife around) but something in me just has a lot of trouble believing DSP knows how to act in order to maintain and secure personal relationships. His entire personal history is a testimony against him knowing how to do this.

But the 'all roads lead to retardation' rule is always valuable, so yeah you could all be right.

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