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the downright obscene selfies Phil posts of himself on facebook have been a point of amusement, fascination and horror for months now. His ever changing appearance, odd and disfigured face, and lack of hygiene makes him look goofier and goofier everyday.

So, instead of making a thread for every single picture Phil posts on facebook, I thought it would be better if we just had a general thread where we can post (and laugh at) them.

This is Phil's current profile picture as of 09-26-2016.

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Wtf is he pointing and screaming at?? I think the last time I laughed this hard at a picture of someone was back when Chris was putting his headshots on eBay, you know the one where he is attempting to wink but instead it looks like he is having a stroke.
Some politician in San Francisco that he thinks is "transmysongist".


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Wtf is he pointing and screaming at??
Some politician in San Francisco [...]
I think Phil was yelling "GET OFF THE STAGE!" there.

And I doubt Phil really knew about said politician. Maybe he only opposes them because people he tries to associate with opposes them.
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This one makes me sad, because at first glance it looks like Rik Mayall doing a character, and then I remember that Rik Mayall is dead.
Rik Mayall would have needed heavy prosthetics to look that bizarre.

Why does he want to look like giant Ursula rising from the sea at the end of The Little Mermaid?
He seems to be of the school of thought that believes "If I pretend I'm a super-hot woman, everyone will ignore my bullfrog chin and 5 o'clock shadow, so I can take a selfie from any angle I like." See also: pretending to be a dark-skinned Latina.

When did Phil meet Michael Moore?