Orbiter Phil’s Weird Body... - Like, WTF? I’ve never seen anything like it.


Well hello newfriend

You should check this out if you haven't already:

Also OP could be improved a bit, I'm sure theres loads of examples of Phils weird body you can use pigpiggo to try find specific vids with timestamps.

I'm also sure theres loads of him talking about exercise or rather lack thereof.


I think Phil has Alcoholic myopathy.

• Acute alcoholic myopathy develops suddenly in the context of binge drinking and is characterized by painful muscle weakness and myonecrosis.
• Chronic alcoholic myopathy develops gradually and is characterized by painless weakness of proximal muscles.
• Recovery occurs if alcohol is avoided, but the time to recovery varies from rapid (days to weeks) with the acute form to protracted (weeks to months) with the chronic form.


It is business related, and I still own it.

Never forget this stance, his tits tucked into the crooks of his elbows.
This is a 38-year-old man

Don't know if you know this but he's a former body builder (who never took a photo of himself ripped, everyone knows people don't post themselves on social media after working hard to get their body in peak shape). Those muscles never go away, Phil doesn't even have to work out any more.
I mean, to be fair, when he "was ripped" it would have been like 2000-2001. Couldn't even post that shit to Xanga