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Before he entered his mid 20s he looked like a run of the mill nerdy kid from the South. If he ate better and dressed a little older he probably would have kept looking that way and found some girl with a passing interest in him. Like probably a really nerdy girl or another autist, but it would have been doable.

One girls loss is Sockness’ gain.


It's sad that this didn't turn out to be real.

No especially at the fact this video was created during the classic Chris sagas were Chris wasent ol dusty and you could actually troll him we got so many classic Chris moments from those times and without those times we probably won't be on this forum right now since this started as a Chris forum
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He was cute as a child.
I sort of feel for Chris a bit. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as a kid. Like Chris, when you are a little kid it does not show. In those sorts of photos you are smiling and so you look normal. However, when you pose for a camera and look into it, the autism takes over and you appear like a animal caught in the headlights.


There are pictures of me at this age that look very similar. I have the same large ears and blank face. It gets worse as you get older because most people who are 16 to 24 have learned how to look flattering and control their facial expressions. Sometimes I have to manually adjust my face to look normal, and it feels sort of like I am some sort of psychopath trying to blend in.

Im lucky in that I had better guidance growing up, did well in school, and have read enough books on evolutionary biology to know why attraction signs don't work. Chris did not have any of those things.

Chris is at the end of a very unfortunate bell curve, everything went wrong in his life and he never had the tools or motivation to fix it. Maybe in 100 years he will be seen like Henry Darger.

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I thought he looked decent (in some angles) in having his hair pulled back in that one "I said no donations less than a dollar!" video a couple years back.
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But anyway, the goofy but innocent awkwardness that makes you feel bad for him, yet you otherwise don't think much of it. Does he even wear wristwatches anymore?

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Sometimes it is like god is playing a piratical joke on us with how insane Chris's life is. Just that photo of him with Megan is a once in a life time jewel. Chris has thousands of those moments caught on camera for us to enjoy. His life is peppered with scams, adventures, mistresses, celebrities, numerous contests, villains, and heroes. In a way he has lived more eventful lives than all of us.