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Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by PortsideDave, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]

    When a random shitposter photoshops you better than your big hollywood costume designer can produce. We need Mr Plinkett going "What's wrong with your HAIR?"

    Though imagine if they hired these random internet people!

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    Male Idiot

    Male Idiot Redneck Cephalopod.

  2. Forget cosplay, I see enough random black chicks with bright hair that look more like Starfire.
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    XYZpdq fbi most wanted sskealeaton

  3. Same thing goes with Raven, the casting and design choices make her look like a 14 year old boy. In the picture here she looks less like a troon but that actress does have a boyish look to her.
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    Xerxes IX

    Xerxes IX Even kebab cats will be removed

  4. John Rhys-Davies is also going into heavy makeup to play Jonah Hill and Melissa McCarthy? Holy shit, what a talent!
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    The Shadow

    The Shadow Undead undead undead

  5. According to google, the guy who plays BB is half asian and Starfire is obviously black. But why have orange and green chaeracters and not make either orange or green?

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  6. I wonder if they're going to CGI the green ad orange skin.
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    Yaoi Huntress Earth

    Yaoi Huntress Earth My avatar is problematic.

  7. Wouldn't that be a lot of money though especially for a tv show budget?
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
    True & Honest Fan

  9. I guess they mistook Starfire for her sister BlackFire and took that name way too literally
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  10. Come on down to Bob's Budget Hooker Clown Festoonery Emporium. I'll festoon any hooker clown for $49.95.
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    Ted_Breakfast What'll it be, boys?

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