Pictures on the Internet that have made you laugh hysterically - *cue 5 minutes of painful wheezing*

Apr 6, 2021


Mar 23, 2019
Not even that lol, because both Hitler and Mussolini regimes were known for having courts that would allow you to fight back against party thugs (SA,Brownshirts,Antifa...) kill two, maim third.
And actually having chance to win your trial if you even get that far and not just vanish one night. /sneed
To be fair, that's a good way to punish any of your thugs who get too far out of line. In the Third Reich's case, they also had to appease the military, whose political viewpoint was essentially "Let's just pretend it's still 1910" . In the early days my grandfather, a Major working in supplies for the Wehrmacht, marched his wife through an S.A. blockade of her favourite butcher shop (owned by a Jew of course) and the Party didn't do shit. Luckily for the current regime their thugs are selected for their pathetic qualities, and so are no Long Knives are needed to keep them in check.

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