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Jan 20, 2020

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Dec 6, 2020
Ebonics is the old southern drawl of their former masters sped up through the generations, and it's probably stayed so similar everywhere because of rap music and the subculture surrounding it. If the subculture is pervasive enough to subsume nearly every impoverished demographic in the English speaking world (the most revolting combination I've found are urban Injuns, who combine the usual hoodrat traits with the "spiritual" pretentiousness and feelgoodism of the hipster), then it's no wonder that its primary demographic speaks its dialect almost to a man.
No, it's a Southern drawl spoken by the descendants of people who knew no English when they came to America and who still speak with their ancestors' accents because they were segregated from society at large.
It still sounds African for the same reason people in the south of France still speak with an Occitan accent even though Occitan is basically a dead language; black Americans only really lived around people with the same accent as them so they never really had the opportunity to speak with a different accent unlike, say, Polish Americans.

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