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PIllowfortFor people who find Tumblr too triggering

Discussion in 'Tumblr (◡‿◡✿)' started by Ass Manager 3000, Nov 9, 2015.

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@Meowthkip, @trombonista

  1. So basically I took a trip down into Pillowfort as a Demo to see what I could find and here are my current findings and whatnot.

    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-12-46.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-13-36.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-14-16.png
    So far so good, nothing off point as we can see.
    Then I began to look into sort of one on one when it came to the people who actually use this site
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-16-24.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-20-03.png

    That's when I found a big "interesting" person who cosplays and has some interesting thoughts
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-22-01.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-22-14.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-22-42.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-23-39.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-23-52.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-24-24.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-24-47.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-25-01.png
    Screenshot at 2018-08-10 07-25-32.png

    Overall the trip was interesting to see what kind of people even use this site. I hope this has been educational.
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    Big Meaty Claws

    Big Meaty Claws What did you say, punk?!

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