Artcow Piscea Sikono (Schaun Bishop) - Fishy Kickstarter Business and Inventor of the Cybermatrix


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Sep 27, 2014
I remember reading about this guy a while ago, but I don't think it was the farms since I had never heard of his movie script before. I want more, this guy is terrific.

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Oct 18, 2014
I am necroing this thread because of the sheer opportunity this has, he still posts (rarely) on his facebook page and still has a world of content to be found. The Movie Night Threads were reminded of this guy and his audacious claims.

I wonder anyone if the Cyber Matrix 100 has any chance of coming back.
i pronounce his name "PISS YEAH SICK OH NO"

i read a bunch of his weird shit in the voice of Deckard Cain during movie night, it was a blast. i never knew i wanted a CYBER-STOVE until i saw those high-def MSPaint diagrams!
Movie Night always has weird conversations that never make it back to the forum. Everyone's usually too drunk or high to even remember them. So when someone linked a forgotten thread about a weird computer fish man, I figured that would be the last we'd hear of it.

Instead, the Ultrafish lives on. The Cyber-stove lives on. The weird computer fish man is featured on the front page. In this age of cows who do nothing but whine on Twitter and/or shit up their own threads, it's nice to have an old-fashioned delusional weirdo again.

Apr 12, 2016
Honestly I've been sitting here for like 15 minutes trying to imagine what an "ultrafish" would look like and this is the best I could come up with

I was going to try and tackle "Klitoris" too but I
You know
Would rather not draw a dragon in the shape of a clitoris


Sep 26, 2014
I bet he masturbates to the Finding Nemo fish while fantasizing about being pegged by Bruce. What the fuck?
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Mar 11, 2015
Does anybody else get a Fedsmoker vibe from this guy?


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May 20, 2013

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but he has a GoFundMe for the Cybermatrix now. Archived because this guy deletes fucking everything.

this is the future of gaming. the cybermatrix 100. peer to per game development is now possible with this new technology. you can also transform yourself using formsand elements channel. check the weather, browse theinternet, watchlive tv, and much much more. een construct items and make food using a special synthesizer.

this ghames let's users make games in cyberspace, movies and music as well. it's epic.

i will need the funds as soon as poss as possible.

this means a bundle to me. if you all can get this to me, i willbe grateful and in your debt.

thanks, and have a blessed day.

He also posted a few updates for his scam futuristic gaming machine.

Welcome to the future of game development and cybergaming. Here, you can make games a multitude of consoles, like past, present n future. You also have 25 forms n elements at your disposal. Cool huh?

Please update ASAP. Time is running out.


i need to know if people are gonna pledge, cause i neeed that money. i don't need dumb questions nor fb messenger requests or anything like that. i need donors. imma have no choice but teach myself if no-one wants to help. ok? thanks. y'all been great.

my first three pages on initial setup on the cybermatrix. i hope you like it.

imma add 2 ne3w rules to my campaign room

1. no cussing and no insults of any kind
2. always be generous.

failure to do these, will result in your comment in being removed, so please be kind. and never EVER CALL ME A SCAMMER. i really do need that money. to make my console.don't you people realize it takes billions of millsions of dollars to make cybergames? mine will take too much. fort knox? isn't gonna have enough to build my console. you're talking like 14 attatchments that wirelessy sync, kinda blue tooth, but don't ever need a battery.

tis only a start to get my console patented. if successful, awesome. than step two: begin the virtual prototype into a physical one, then build the wireless attatchments. after that, the peripherals and the 4 tablets for video gaming mode. for cybergming mode, you'll need a large room. or place the cyberway to fit the size of your room. step 3 programming and design. i will let microsoft handle that. it will sup[port all games from wii series, n64, nintendo retro series, ps series, windows series and xbox series. for elemental games, you need the forms n elements distributor app to get your elements up for a fight in those games.

New information:

-He wants Microsoft to handle it
-Cybermatrix will play video games, "elemental games," and "cyber games." Cyber games are games that, through "wireless attachments," will put people into "cyberspace" to play a game. For video gaming, it will port every video game ever created. Idk what the fuck "elemental games" are. He either loves SAO or Cyberchase a little too much.
-He hates being called a scammer
-Dude is a massive e-beggar
-Apparently it will takes "billions of millsions of dollars to make cybergames." That's his excuse for the Xbox One Cybermatrix money.
-"Cool, huh?"

This guy has a lot of potential.


So more information. His goal here is 4500 dollars. Also some guy in the comments basically asked what the fuck it was and he responded (10 days ago too, so he's still waiting for donations).

ok david, since my console has wireless chpp technology, or cybermatrix hyperprotocol power pc technology, you can do more than whatever yours can, but, shoot in the games cyber terminal, load into the game, that's it, there's no physical discs needed [only for converting, or editing or making new games, after that, ya play it in cyberspace. record in cyberspace, voice effect, music tracks, and announcements. once that 3 weeks is done, demo chapter is testable to auto fix the bugs, and we will ship it and release it to nintendo n microsoft xbox one. any other bragger's rights?


2 years ago, Cybermatrix was featured in a post by a blog that follows failed Kickstarters.

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May 3, 2016
His self-published "books" are available on Amazon for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. You can get a free month of Kindle Unlimited on any Amazon account with Prime. I'm very tempted to go through the effort of setting it up to post the stories in their entirety here, if anyone would want to read them. On the other hand, it does seem like an awful lot of effort for an awful lot of autistic gibberish, considering the Kindle format does not by default allow you to copy its contents as plain text.

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Mar 24, 2013
It blows my mind how absolutely stupid some people in this world can be. Like, UNBELIEVABLY, UNREALISTICALLY stupid. Autism by itself isn't enough to adequately explain it. The limitations of modern technology are well known to pretty much everyone in the Western World. We are nowhere near quantum computation, we are only just getting around to wireless battery charging and the device still has to be in contact with the charger to work (let alone a self-charging battery which is akin to a perpetual motion device: impossible), designing any kind of decent game requires multiple people to program it and thousands of man does this cat not understand all this? And that's not even delving into his obvious other psychological problems like his belief that not only is he some kind of alien fish being, but that he alone will be welcomed into Heaven because FishDragon Jehova said so. We're not just dealing with Autism here. We're dealing with Autism and some form of either psychosis or schizophrenia. Buddy here needs to be on some strong medication and out of the unhealthy housing situation he's obviously in.