Pixar's Onward - Yet another adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist

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I'm impressed. Not a sequel and it looks infinitely more entertaining and better-looking than Brave and Coco. Also Chris Pratt always does good work. Might actually consider the idea of watching this thing if bored when it comes out on DVD.

Edit: I've seen more and it's looking really dull... The main characters look really bland, and the subplot about the mom and the boomer manticore doesn't help to improve them. Still the voice acting is top notch. Quite frankly, it feels like an early-mid 2000s Disney movie. Regardless, it still looks way better than Brave and Coco, and that other crap Pixar's making (Soul or something).
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After producing a fourth Toy Story, something original is the least Pixar could do at this point. I'll probably go see it, but as others have said, the artstyle doesn't remind me that much of Pixar, it looks more like something Illumination or Dreamworks would have made.
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The main characters are just dolled up models of linguini from ratatouille and Kristoff from frozen.
At least the concept is original
Funny that you mention that, because the font for the title is very similar to Frozen's.

I'm not wowed by it, but I'll probably end up watching it and enjoying it in the theater like how I was with Coco. At least it's something original.

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Obviously not much to go on for now, but I will say that it does efficiently set up its concept far better than any of the promotional material for The Good Dinosaur did. As for those saying it doesn't feel like Pixar, it is just a teaser. I'm not sure how others felt, but the initial teasers for Inside Out and Coco were incredibly underwhelming and I think those two are the only movies they have released since Toy Story 3 that felt like the glory days.
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It's kind of overdone to have the gimmick of "let's do [x], but set it in modern day suburbia!"
Something about this reminds me of Bee Movie...

That being said, it's not atrocious looking and Pixar usually does neat stuff. Even at their worst, I still enjoy their works.
So, let's see what they can make of this.

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This is basically how Shadow Run started, everything was fine then some Goblin decided to fuck with a Cold Fission Reactor that summoned demons in from an alternate dimension and then the demons learned about corporations and then decided they should make one. Then the council of Warlocks tried to control the demons because they're Warlocks and in the process accidentally invented space travel and the internet.