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I've been thinking about this thread for a while, seeing as there's no existing repository of this stuff on the Farms.
Lately I'm starting to get the knack for liberating my favorite games of their best looking 2 assets, as well as learning where to find them online.
Ideally, this thread will feature lots of animated GIFs - let's see those run cycles!


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SNK backgrounds - and their pixel work in general - will always amaze me.

Also, here are some backgrounds from Korean social media websites (Cyworld & sayclub are the ones that come to mind for me).

Tumblr user cameos posts some great stuff (I think it's all original work?).

(Sorry about all the images, I really like pixel art.)

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I've got this niggling feeling that I've seen an old RPG or something with a fat waddling pig much like my avatar. Autists?

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