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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Melchett, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. She got all pissed when someone told her she looked 25-27 years old. I don't think that's an insult. Does she think she's going to look like a teenager forever?
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  2. Sarah is cute for a grown woman and I'd play Pokemon Go with her assuming we're on the same gang color team.
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    Very Honest Content

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  3. If you covered up her face and showed someone a (PG rated) body pic from her recent adventures in anorexia, a charitable observer might say she looks ~23ish, if they didn't look too closely at her sagging skin bags and sad deflated boobs.

    But as soon as you look at her face, the façade is broken. She looks so defeated and haggard now. It's the face of someone who's just spent six months watching a close relative die horribly of cancer. She just.... Doesn't look okay.
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    Axiom Painfully Cute

  4. It's been said that her weight loss is from her eating about 1500 calories per day and then dances a ton to burn weight. She hasn't admitted to any weird weight loss stuff, but does say she takes vitamins, green tea and "garcinia Cambogia" her mom gave her.

    KangarooMouse not even any austism

  5. What isn't hopeful is that all of the things she could of done to make herself more attractive, like "find clothes that fit" and "take a shower", losing weight was the easiest. It just shows how mentally broken she is. Losing weight is actually difficult for most people (especially if you're north of 30) but somehow she managed that discipline, but she can't stop acting like a toddler with a soggy diaper.

    The thing is, even when Pixy was plump she wasn't THAT bad looking, and if she was sweet and smelled good and had a decent personality she could find a man who would wife her up. However, no man wants to be with a petulant womanchild who can't pick up after herself, has trouble keeping a job, and who's gonna stink up your place like BO and rottencrotch and spend your money on weeb garbage and ER visits for her "tummy". It doesn't matter if she looks like Denise Milani's hotter sister, that shit gets old REALLY fuckin' quick.

    I threw out the 1500 cal figure earlier, but that was just a speculation on my part. I don't think any of us here actually know Pixy's daily caloric intake.
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    BALLZ-BROKEN double dippin' DHS

  6. What happened with her wanting to be a tranny? Also please no more nudes I don't think my heart can take anymore :c
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    plasticine do you remember

  7. Do we know for sure she still doesn't bathe? Yeah, yeah, optimistic, but the possibility exists. Unless someone's sniffed her recently and can confirm one way or the other.

    Ophelia I ought to say "no, no, no."

  8. I will take one for the team.

    (Looks forward to deviant and halal ratings)
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    randomfarmer Jake Alley is the girliest girl who ever girled.

  9. 1500 was a number that PTNR had thrown out according to this post on lolcow. I was only quoting the post, so if it's wrong, I'm sorry?

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  10. For her height, the minimum should be 1,2000 calories a day and at least 45 mins of cardio will help her lose weight and tighten her skin.
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  11. Yes, let's give PT 12000 calories a day.

    (I know it's a typo, but it's a funny one)
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    4Macie The Cow Dullahan

  12. She can do it if she follows the Slaton/Amberlynn dietary plan.
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    YankeeTrader I believe Brad Watson to be "a hack fraud"(47)
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  13. She was probably on 12000 calories a day before she started starving herself so it wouldn't be anything new to her
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    Jason Puncheon

    Jason Puncheon He shits when he wants.

  14. Is it possible that she has a slow metabolism or she's lazy?

  15. Probably lazy and a huge amount of calories courtesy of mochi and other assorted kawaii food-groups.
    Her weight loss was pretty impressive though.
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    January Cyst

    January Cyst Kick a duck up the arse

  16. I would say yes to both. Prior to losing weight she wasn't active. I would also say it's genetic. Look at her mom. Her mom is built like a tank. So a slow metabolism could be contributed to genetics and a poor life style.
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  17. Does anyone think Pixyteri will ever be happy? Or are her goals so unrealistic that she is always destined for failure. Her attitude likely doesn't help, thinking that her life is over now she is in her thirties.
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  18. I'm pretty sure PT is at the point where she self-sabotages at every opportunity, whether she realizes it or not. She could do a multitude of things to make herself happy, but she's so used to being down on herself and being in a rut, anything else would be weird or anxiety-inducing, so she just stays where she's at because she knows it and thus comfortable. Anything that makes her uncomfortable, as we have seen, is bad and thus not worth the pain and anxiety. Why bother when change is scary?
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    cactus Cactus Juice Connoisseur

  19. I'd go so far as to say that PT revels in failure because it gets her ass pats and free tickets to the pity party. For her to have success at anything she'd have to find alternative ways to get as much attention as failure gives her.
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  20. I'd have to agree sadly. It just baffles me, because as has been said before, compared to a lot of lolcows on here she has the potential to be normal. Part of the reason she's considered so ugly, apart from her personality, is probably because she wears very unflattering and ill-fitting clothes, especially when she was overweight. Now that she's lost weight, something you think she'd be happy about, and now she's obsessing over her vagina turning into a penis or something and how she hates her breasts.

    I keep thinking she must be smarter than I give her credit for, seeing as how she managed to get some qualifications in college, but I guess she chooses to act stupid. In fact, and I could be totally wrong here, but did she only get her English degree just so she could go to Japan and teach English there? That was a dream of hers at one point, that much I know.

    From what I've seen she seems to ignore anyone that gives her pity or ass pats, preferring to wallow in her own self pity. I could be wrong though, all I really know about her is from what I've read here.
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