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Queen Pixyteri / Sarah GuilbeauxGlorious Nippon cosplayer, she's no longer poopin'

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Melchett, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Good points. She does look pretty good now, yes. I'm glad she actually did it instead of bullshitting the diet like she did for many years.
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  2. It goes in cycles. But, even when she is "ignoring" the ass pats I think she still listens to the ones she picks and chooses. That seems to be how @PTNR 2.0 to keep pulling a @LoveYouLongTime and getting info from her again and again.
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  3. I think PT was using her weight as a reason/excuse as to why she wasn't happy/x/y/z. But when she finally started getting a normal weight, nothing else was changing. She wasn't happy, she wasn't magically young again, or Japanese, she was just thinner with saggy tits and equally miserable. I think questioning her gender is her way of finding the new fat, but this time it's not her fault/can't easily be fixed so not only is she allowed to complain that much more, there's no way she can find out that being born a girl isn't the problem.

    tl;dr she doesn't want to admit that she herself is the problem

    She really reminds me of people with Munchausen's syndrome too, especially with her multiple ER trips for "tummy aches" in her early days. She thrives on pity and asspats, but I don't know why compliments for achievements don't work just as well.
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  4. There are ways to get a BA in English without working too hard or being terribly bright. Pick the right teachers and put in enough work on papers to get a B/C average and you'll be fine. Especially if you just have a knack for writing and analysis. I don't know if Pixy does, but she got the degree so it's not unlikely. The real test comes when you have to put your degree to practical use. If you didn't make the effort to learn writing/communication/analysis/teaching skills, someone with the same degree you have is going to get the job because they did.

    That said, it's a very versital degree and it's preposterous for PT to be content at working retail. Colleges help people find jobs all the time in this day and age, if you have the gumption to get up off your ass and look. Seeing as how PT put the work into losing weight, it gives me hope that she could get a higher paying job, move into her own place, and find some nice weeaboo dude to marry :)

    But that might be too optimistic, given her appalling attitude and slowness to change. She must be willing to derail her dead dream and move on. That's not easy for her.
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    Ophelia I ought to say "no, no, no."

  5. I was expecting a meltdown for her 30th birthday, but since that didn't really happen I'll have to wait for her 40th. Do you think her parents would ever kick her out?
  6. PT's biggest problems are that she's a catty bitch and very self-centered. She'll probably never change those parts of her life so rely anything else she does is just window dressing on a dumpster fire. Unless she learns to be a better person that people actually like she can loose all the weight she likes and get better jobs and whatever because she still won't have what she (at least thinks) wants, which is a rich husband and friends.
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  7. Unlikely that they will kick her out, no matter what she does. They know she's absolutely useless and cannot live on her own. They've already made arrangements with her gay brother to make sure he will take care of her when they die. Her married brother was on the hook but since he got divorced, responsibility shifted.

    Sarah has created lies that her mother cheated on her father with a Japanese businessman in order to achieve coveted haifu status. She has irrational hatred for her father because she knows he's her biological father and resents him for being white, and is hostile and unkind to him, even though he often is the only person in her corner. She's humiliated her family in public repeatedly with the bizarre and inappropriate photo shoots in public - people actually went to Sarah's dad's place of work to let him know they witnessed his daughter taking those weird, ass-centric pics in public and how uncomfortable it made them. She can't hold a job very long yet spends herself into massive amounts of debt that she cannot possibly pay, buying tons of Japanese snacks and stupid cosplay outfits. She doesn't contribute to the household in terms of chores. She is unkempt and smelly and has hoarded her room up. If they haven't tossed her out by now, they never will.
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    Dog Prom 3D

    Dog Prom 3D Like a bullet made of chorizo

  8. Yeah that's true. I didn't know they shifted to the other brother, wow. Poor guy.
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  9. PT will never be happy because her happiness hinges on fantasies that will never become reality.

    Supposedly she graduated college with a 4.0. I believe she posted about it on the JET forums way back.
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    sea panther

    sea panther we did it reddit

  10. I think this ties into her self-sabotaging and how she views herself. She's a bitch to keep people away because people are mean and will hurt her and while she has a low opinion of herself, it probably would make her hate herself more if someone else did it, so it's just easier to not have friends. But also because of her low opinion, PT probably thinks she doesn't deserve to be liked and if she has friends, it means people like her, but she doesn't deserve it because of the self-loathing, and because of her lack of friends, she hates herself and think she's unlikable. It sadly seems like a vicious cycle and unless something inside her snaps or clicks, she's gonna be stuck.
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    cactus Cactus Juice Connoisseur

  11. Even when PT makes realistic goals, she always puts an unrealistic spin on them that she either realizes will torpedo her goals or is too naive/mentally ill to realize are unrealistic. She's either self-defeating or an abject simpleton.

    Cases in point:

    *Someone with a degree in English wanting to teach abroad is reasonable. Someone with a degree in English wanting to teach in Japan as a springboard for becoming and AV Idol or whatever is unreasonable.

    *Someone wanting to lose weight to foster a more positive body image or to help their self-esteem is reasonable; heck, someone wanting to lose weight to lose a cup size or two to help with back pain is even reasonable. Someone wanting to lose weight so that their DD cup tits shrink down to A cups so that they look loli desu is unreasonable.

    *Someone wanting to find someone to have a marriage-minded LTR with is reasonable. Someone wanting to find someone to have a marriage-minded LTR with so that they can sit at home all day and not work and spend their days cosplaying thanks to their husband's credit card is unreasonable.

    *Heck, even someone having an interest in or wanting to learn more about a certain culture because they believe (factually or mistakenly) that they have some of that heritage is reasonable. Someone watching so much anime that they are convinced that their mom cheated on their dad with a Japanese businessman who left a wind chime as a hint to her origin and thinks Japan will (sometimes, depending on her mood) accept her because of this is unreasonable.
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    PTNR 2.0

    PTNR 2.0 [showering intensifies]

  12. She's a psychological masochist so unless she gets some quality therapy there is a 0% chance PT could ever be happy in any meaningful sustained fashion.

    :( but true.
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    Very Honest Content

    Very Honest Content (Formerly a) Niggo(?)

  13. Any recent photoshoots for PT?
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  14. Fap on bro.
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    FatNero Cole Blooded

  15. Jesus I didn't realize the implications of my question.

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  16. I think it's her assertion that her mother slept with a Japanese guy wandering through Texas making her secretly half Asian that I find the most intriguing about this thread.

    I mean the bad cosplay is funny and has been funny for the past six years or so but her obsession with being Asian is what seems extra fascinating. I feel bad for her father.
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  17. Hey pixyteri is looking healthy...
    happy, normal...

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    A Name But Backwards

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  18. She does look quite good and healthier.

    Pixy is a someone I really would like to de-cow and move on with her life, but she seems stuck.
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    Triggered Fivehead

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  19. I actually kind of like Pixyteri (although the photos are creepy!) She seems kind of harmless in this world of ADFs and Palermos. She's just a little geek who wants to have fun, and is a little bit eccentric. Maybe I just have a high weeb tolerance from my youth, but she really doesn't seem that bad to me. Most of her flaws are more like symptoms of depression than intentional jerkiness. Well, I've said my part.
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