Queen Pixyteri / Sarah Guilbeaux - Glorious Nippon cosplayer, she's poopin' outside


There is, or used to be at least, crazy-med depot injections that lasted for weeks or months. Good for those that can't reliably take their medication.
Last I heard that’s what Abby Brown’s treatment was, a monthly shot of Haldol in the ass cheek (not that it’s doing her any favors lol). You’d think Sarah, with her history of constantly showing up in ER’s with common cold symptoms to the point of digging herself into medical debt, would leap at the chance for a monthly nurse visit. Then again, her mental health has deteriorated so much, she wouldn’t go to the gyno during the futa saga despite experiencing legitimate pain and discomfort, she’d probably think monthly injections=going to try to kill her with a syringe once a month.


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This. Most cows don't want jobs at all. Pixyteri does seem to understand that she needs to have a job, but then refuses to accomplish the most basic things for that job. Substitute teacher? Dresses super inappropriately and honestly, probably acted super inappropriate. Hardware store? Hid from customers under the customer service desk. Also bitched about sunburn. Waitressing at an Asian restaurant? Act like a weeb and claim you're Japanese. It's like she has a loose idea what a job entails. I can only imagine what it would have been like if she did get accepted into the JET program. She would have been back on that plane back to Texas after showing up the first day wearing school girl cosplay or kimono. She never learned how to separate her professional life from her hobbies. She also is incapable of accepting any sort of criticism. Kids are brutal.

I have a friend who taught English in one of the eastern Asian countries and the advice she was given was to show up the first few days not wearing makeup. If the kids became accustomed seeing you wear makeup then see you barefaced they wouldn't hesitate asking "what's wrong with your face?" They're also brutal in general about appearances so you could bet on them pointing out PT's weight and her Jay Leno chin.

Mental illness truly does manifest itself physically. If you look at PT's older photos, pre Brit fag when PT still had a massive ego, her face looked much more relaxed. Not beautiful by any means, but she had a gentleness to her features. Her recent pictures her expression and features are very stiff and strained. A friend of mine had posted a series of photos going from being okay to going through a form of psychotic break and it really is jarring to see the progression.

PT's parents seem like the type to ignore mental health and just hope it goes away. I imagine she had the signs growing up but her parents thought she would grow out of it. But due to their laziness now they have a fully grown woman yelling about dying and accusing her father of killing her. It seems like her mom is trying to get her help now, but she may be too far gone to fully "cure" since PT is accustomed to this behavior and way of thinking.

Her descent into madness reminds me a little of Anna Storelli, that woman who went viral for yelling at a couple for kissing in public.
I recall that when she had that substitute teaching job she also remarked about how sexy her male students were. PT was trying to play hot anime teacher in the real world.

[V A P O R W A V E]

I read from page one to now. Here's the only things that have changed.
>She's older
>Her Pussy is collapsing in on itself due to some sort of infection
>she seems like she has a dude she's fucking

NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED! This chick for 5 years is doing the same life failing stuff that she did at the start of this thread. Like hell, Chris Chan has some development. Not much but he's not the same as he was at the start. Just...wow. Here's to 5 more years of being a 35 year old who dress like she's 12.


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Wow, that first video is the only time I've ever seen her show genuine human emotion. Sure, it's an autistic tantrum over hygiene entitlement, but still crazy to see this robot feel something.
When she would rant about being too fat for Japan ect... On social media it always seemed like a teen having a tantrum. It was strange to see one of these outbursts unfolding in real time. I felt bad for PT even though I sympathize with her parents.

If you have ever had to deal with someone who will not bathe... Well it's fucking horrible. PT not properly cleaning herself was part misguided weebery and part mental illness. I was really hoping she would keep impoving too.

I can't see her doing well on her own in the shape she is in.

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This chick for 5 years is doing the same life failing stuff that she did at the start of this thread. Like hell, Chris Chan has some development. Not much but he's not the same as he was at the start. Just...wow. Here's to 5 more years of being a 35 year old who dress like she's 12.
I still remember that time that she disappeared from the internet and some of us wished her the best.
Now she's back and worse than ever. Makes me wonder if she had gone to Japan if things would have been different. *sigh*


Who is the autist white-knighting her in the "Shower Drama" video?
Are you referring to the guy on the mic telling her to leave the house while Debbie screams at her?

I didn’t really get any white knighting vibes from him, he sounded like a casual observer that saw how distraught and upset her mother was making her and gave some neutral-compassionate advise. I would’ve done the same thing if I was involved in that tinychat myself, but obviously Pixy just wanted asspats and remained sitting there crying like a toddler and toying with her greasy hair.