pizza mook-bong | talking about my weight - April 21, 2020 04/21/20


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She is proud she took her first anxiety pill from a month old prescription.

She claims she reached 499.8 ellbees. Press X on that one.

A pitcher of her pizza placed so lovingly on the Pioneer Woman plate.

Eric can you hear me?

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I thought that she did not like pizza?
She also said she has ayygs allergy but then she eats scrambled eggs in her next video

She's just lying for attention and pity

I wouldn't get mad over this video overall, she's in her trolling phase and all she does is make herself look like an idiot to garner views to get $$$

She now says she has PTSD because of her childhood (she also blamed her childhood for being 500+ lbs in one of her Instagram stories recently). We know how much this woman exaggerates about every small thing possible, and I'd do the same whenever she mentions her childhood

Maybe it was bad, but not TOO bad as she says. You really can't take her word for anything

Edit: Also, lol, it's obvious she just microwaved it, she can't even lean down to put it in the oven because of her double chinned fupa :story:

Edit #2: Quick search, the pizza she ate is 400 calories and 860 mg of sodium. And we're supposed to believe this bish is now 500