PKAkatora believes he's above End User Lisence Agreements, copyright, crediting creators, and he rarely tells the full story. - The more I see of this man, the more I despise him.

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Jul 26, 2020
I know there is a thread about the Western VOCALOID and Project Diva communities on this forum, but since I cannot post on that, I might as well start a thread on this man who is not only troubling, but also cringy. I literally joined this forum just so I could post about this bastard. He was formerly known as PKBowsy until the Diva modding community was upset he didn't credit them for using a PC crack of Project Diva and making videos with it while not crediting those who cracked and modified the game.
PKAkatora has a Twitter account
He looks like your average person on twitter obsessed with anime idol groups and memes. This is until you find out he has a bunch of white knights who try to protect his buttocks from people who call him out for breaking the UTAU and VOCALOID software End User License Agreements/Terms of Use. Most notably, he has imported multiple Japanese VOCALOID libraries into UTAU. More examples of this can be found on his YouTube channel under the same name, PKAkatora.
Because of this issue, and his white knights harassing the Wiki user mentioned in the spoiler post below, he has been permanently banned from the VOCALOID Wiki. Though staff is willing to help anyone, from what I can tell, because I don't know for sure, he has not started a conversation with any of them. Which means this post here is just an example of him playing the victim.
On the first of September 2019, this guy believed it was a good idea if he took another artist's song (ryo/supercell), and make an "updated voice library/software" version of the song. That's fine if someone doesn't want to profit off it, but this PKAkatora decides he wants to make money off this slightly-altered version of a song without a copyright license or the artist's permission. From what I gather, the single has now been removed from streaming services and Apple's Itunes store. The twitter post is dead so this is the best I could find.
At this point, I'm baffled as to why people still support this man. He's a total piece of manure and needs to grow up and stop whining when he doesn't follow the rules.

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