Place Your Bets: The Return of Amberlynn! - As of her August 31st video posting she is "taking a break" / "leaving youtube"!

How long under Amberlynn returns with a new video on her channel?

  • There will be a new video tomorrow (Sept 1), Booboo!

    Votes: 63 27.9%
  • She'll make it a week (Sept 7)

    Votes: 52 23.0%
  • 2 weeks, tops (Sept 14)

    Votes: 78 34.5%
  • A month (Sept 30)

    Votes: 32 14.2%
  • She'll be back in time for Hallowe'en (Mid-to-late October)

    Votes: 29 12.8%
  • 100 Days Without YouTube Challenge - her first 100 day challenge completed! (Dec 9th)

    Votes: 4 1.8%
  • YouTube is her Home for the AdSense Holidays (Mid-to-Late December)

    Votes: 11 4.9%
  • I'm an optimist (2020 and beyond)

    Votes: 1 0.4%
  • She dies before another video gets posted (post-mortem content only)

    Votes: 19 8.4%

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Just a Karen with a hate hard on
I honestly think she is doing one of those fatty TLC shows. She loves attention and how much more attention can you get than being the token narc fatty on yet another train wreck show; only with a bigger audience. I’m convinced this is why the Dana ‘the refrigerator ‘ Perry and Density ‘Rain Man’ is coming back.
Hopefully they use a big brother ‘esque set up with all the lesbian fatties in one house.
Fight till the end. :optimistic: :optimistic:


I’m a dainty gorl in a dainty world
She’s already set it up so she can come back. “I need a break” is not the same as “I’ll be gone forever”. She just wants people to beg her to stay and send supportive messages. She passive aggressively asked for them when she talked about focusing on the love but where were those people. Two weeks tops. Once she realizes she needs YouTube coin she’ll be back.

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
I'm gonna be generous and say that she'll be back by the middle of October.

Her spending habits are now consolidated: spend whatever money you want, create as much waste as possible, don't count how much you spent and saved by the end of the month. Funds will begin to be a little tight by the time October comes around, and since she wants to show off to her real life friendz (who we have never seen), she won't be able to buy as much Halloween junk as last year.

Surprise, she'll have a come to Jesus moment and will come back so that she can buy another vampire cloak that'll look like a bib on her massive back.

Red Mask

War is Intellect
My first thought was "I'll give it two days", but I decided to be be generous and say one week. Either that or as soon as the YT money starts running out.

literally low-key
The "I quit" video was filmed on the 19th. She hasn't been filming for 12 days but the hurtful comments are still pouring in and I'm sure she's reading them. How is this helping her?
She filmed this the day Amy Slaton posted her Amber parody video. I believe that is what got to her, not the negative comments.
She'll be back. She doesn't really have a choice.


me and you and zoboomafoo
I'm thinking she will be back by the first day of fall, September 23nd.

There's no way she can resist showing us a fall candle haul.
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