Plan the worst possible birthday party for your lolcow of choice - Make a living hell


Ordering pizza at the Weight Loss Clinic
  • Everyone is white, or they pass as white.
  • Nobody is trans, or they pass well.
  • The place is only partially wheelchair accessible, including a wheelchair friendly bathroom. This accommodation is okay with the other party members who use wheelchairs.
  • Only one other person is deaf. They communicate with other party members by typing into a tablet, and use lip reading or having other people speak into their phone so it types out what they're saying. They pretty much ignore Kylie the whole time.

  • No orange chicken. Food includes whatever she happens to be allergic to this week, like eggs.
  • Party games include pogo sticks, hula hoops and limbo. There are no board games.
  • All of the females are either straight, or they're bisexual or lesbian and hitting on one another while ignoring her.


J'ai une âme solitaire
Surprise birthday party for Spoony.

All the guests are Trump supporters

The guests bring their favorite beer, and he's stuck with Budweiser

He's forced to Livestream playing games with each guest, while all the others constantly tell him how to play the game.

Instead of singing Happy birthday, the guests each tell him why they think he is an abject failure and waste of potential.

His birthday presents are debt collection notices.

Yaoi Huntress Earth

My avatar is problematic.
Anna Krieder (RPG designer and critic)

-Guests are 80% male and those are all dudebros. While the females are girly-girls who are prettier than her.
-Make her wear a frilly, pink party dress.
-Games include early Sonic, the Dead or Alive series (including the volleyball spin-off), and anything she won't let her daughter play.
-Guests are allowed to laugh at her ideas and troll her games.

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