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Seems like Planetside Arena is already dead after the couple of weeks it released. Imagine my shock...
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PS1 was a legit great game, sadly crippled by dialup-era netcode and the fact that Sony laid off everyone who knew how the engine worked, making it nearly impossible to add new content.

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Haven't played PS2 in a hot minute, and apparently they added a new faction?

... what?
The new faction, Nanite Systems (the Trump's Chosen People who make the white-colored weapons that any faction can use and are overall better than faction-specific weapons most of the time) were added as a way to create even more pressure against the faction who are overwhelmingly winning (most of the time the VS). However, the true purpose is to have veterans of the game a way to farm new players who choose any of the actual factions, and keeping them around by giving them a fourth character to level to Prestige 100 all over again. I quit playing around the time of their introduction.

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Planetside just released giant battleships and the playerbase is tripled from where it used to be right now, its pretty fun


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I got to gun on a bastion with my outfit a few weeks back. The changes they're making to Planetmans is good, but they need to keep up the momentum! I mean, they nerfed NC max's! Finally.