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Nick Bate is actually...
Man, I got nothin’.
Nick Bates suffers from ED. He absolutely gets off to cooperfeelia as he is a cooperfeeliac.

He couldn't have molested and raped his sister because the chatlogs about the alleged molestation show he said she had a clean butthole. In his video evidence showing his cooperfeelia, he couldn't get erect when he was masturbating to his own defecation. He, like so many other men suffering from ED, shyly deflected the issue at hand. We should not persecute and imprison a man for suffering from ED, especially not a 180 iq supergenius.


The True and Honest Man
JustinRPG is just an aspiring musician and storyteller. Sure his kinks are weird but he means no harm and is just an autistic boy with a vivid imagination.
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The Pink Panther

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Mr. Enter is just a guy trying to create a cartoon blocked by his own personal hubrises.

BenTheLooney's just a closet pedo trying to express his true feelings on sex through cartoon sex drawings.