Playing Doom on a Texas Instruments calculator -


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That brings back memories. One day my calculator was stolen. Later someone from my school (I guy I had known for years, but not a friend) told me he could sell me one for cheap. I asked how much, he named a number too low. I asked him how he got it, he said it was from his cousin who graduated school. I could tell he was probably lying, but I was naive enough to think that maybe stole it from someone else. I said I had a test in an hour and I needed it now, but that I'd bring the money tomorrow.

People always believe me, so he said it was fine and gave it to me. The serial number was scratched out. That was weird. I guess he stole it from someone after all. Then when I was bored and decided to start programming again, I noticed there were already programs on there. My programs. As I said. Fucking naive.

Told him to stop bothering me and to be glad that he got off easy.

One of the games I made got a girl completely addicted and she failed that year.

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Oh I love these old calculator games, same with the weird shit you'd find for palm pilots back in the day like some Dragon Ball Z RPG.


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I had a buddy who had a clone of the old vector Star Wars game on his

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Doom is the greatest game of all time, never knew you could play it on a calculator. The mod scene is still alive and well, you can add as much blood and new guns as your inner child desires. It's ridiculous how different the game can be, who needs new shooters?