$ Playing the long game on Delta - Too big to fail


Thinking of shoving a good chunk of my free assets towards Delta Airlines and then sit on it for a year here in the next two weeks. Trump just said they plan to not let the US carriers fail and of them all Delta holds the most routes and hard property assets. Thinking this may be a solid bet to put money on for the long game buys.


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Not sure that's a good idea, but make sure to livestream your "guh" moment.
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Insolvency does not concern you? Just remember that bankruptcy cancels the stock... It's not like Delta hasn't filed before...
It does which is why I am watching it. The annoying thing about Delta is that prior to this they were flying high (pun intended). Their prior bankruptcy also came before they ate literally all of the short haul domestic carriers. They are going to hurt in the coming month but if they survive towards the end of April I am thinking this is one to watch for the bounce back.

American Airlines and United are doomed though. So doomed.
So I actually did make some money on DAL - waited for the market to crash, bought some shitty calls decently far out, when market went up a bit because of bailout rumors, sold them.

It's basically roulette.