Please do not rate Colonel J's posts dumb or autistic, thank you

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Oct 17, 2015
Hello. I have people blocked. This stops us from seeing their posts as well as getting notifications of their reactions to our own posts. However, we can still see their reactions to our posts. I propose this be hidden like their posts and notifications currently are if possible.

Thank you

I was going to post this on the XF2 feedback thread, but it's been locked.
I imagine it's very low as well. You see, I have eternally triggered a few people on this website and they pretty much actively rate all my posts with "Dumb" whenever they can. While I don't mind the occasional Dumb rating, as I have many, I did mind waking up every day to see 10+ notifications of it from the same few butthurt people. These were very annoying and blocking them was a great solution.
@Colonel J is a sensitive soul and should be treated with care, guys.
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That was... Objectionable
Aug 24, 2018
That's not cool, now everyone will rate his posts dumb and autistic!

Yeah but if the stuff he said wasn't dumb and autistic, I wouldn't need to rate them as such.

That being said, I haven't rated any of his posts yet but I was just told not to and I'm a teenage rebel who don't follow no rules and I do what I want ?
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