Please do something to clean up A&H -

Delete threads. Institute week-long bans for people who post completely unformatted pagescrapes from news websites that are full of garbage links, pictures, and Javascript fuckups repeating the same sentence 16 times. I don't know how you want to go about it, but please do something.

People treat A&H like it's a fucking race to create a thread and can't take 2 minutes to excise the garbage from their OP. If people are going to treat it like a race, then force them to come in last place a few times. Maybe that'll break the habit.
Varg, you could just renovate A&H just as you renovated some churches.
I wish I could, half the fucking board would be a smoking ruin.

Holy shit fuck off! The treads are fine and everyone is doing the best they can to remove as much bullshit as they can from the board. Just stop bitching like your a helicopter mom from the 90's trying to protect you precious little angels from the horrors of cussing and showing guns on tv. Don't like A and H? Don't fucking go there, faggot.
Thanks Mr. 268 Posts Over The Course of a Year. I take your opinion as an active member of the forum very seriously.

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New posts in other parts of the forum are vetted a lot more thoroughly than A+H posts for quality, and honestly I would quite like there to be a little more rigor in at least cutting out all the ads, bad links and other cruft from an article that's posted. So I support trying to keep the posts to a higher standard of readability, if nothing else.

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By the way: for people copy and pasting text from an article, you can often keep the paragraph breaks and tabs and such by pasting the text to a blank file in a text editor, then re-copying and pasting from there. Just copying directly, or form browser reader view, often eliminates paragraph breaks and results a jumbled mound of fuss. You do lose inline images and links that way though, but re-adding those is easier than sorting through 50 fucking paragraphs that have been merged into one.