Please don't rate PowerWomon's / Pac Man's posts dumb or autistic, thank you. -

Is PowerWomon just pretending to be retarded?

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By the way, I have spoken to staff about the abuse I have been getting and the threads that have been set up about me. They promised to take action and I believe they might also delete those threads soon. If you people keep harassing me and creating posts about me, I will report you and return your neg-rates. Be warned.
Look guys @PowerWomon makes some real quality posts here on the site. Don't neg rate them it really is disrespectful to their feelings, okay?

What kind of community are we trying to foster here? A gang of bullies?

I'm disappointed in you guys....

Pac Man
Did you get this idiot off this site already? THis lolcow should have a thread by now.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 3.36.31 PM.png

I don't know guys ... doesn't seem very Kiwi like what you are doing, dog piling someone like that. Does that fall under "common courtesy"?

Are you sure we're all on the same team here?

SIGSEV, you are so chadlike. Can you teach me some more C++?
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I am EXTREMELY mad at what you are doing. How dare you swallow my bait this easily.

Do I have a header text entry yet? When is the thread going up?
lol check out the ego on this faggot, he thinks he's important enough for a thread.
I have a busy schedule.
Nobody is stopping you from le epic trolling the feminists on Twatter, dude.
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Yo @PowerWomon dm them to me bb 😘
Believe me she won't stop until justice has been served and we as members of the farms have a good hard look in the mirror...

What have we done to this delicate flower? She cant even operate her computer properly and we make fun of her and mock her

Are we the monsters?