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Is PowerWomon just pretending to be retarded?

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I can't remember what the old avatar looked like, what changed?
I don't keep backups, but the first one was the original image which is this same goblin with a huge sack of loot over his back, lvl2 I started to edit in Dark Souls 3 weapons, in particular changed the sack of loot for the Reinforced Club, lvl 3 I changed the club for the Hand Axe and a broken shield, and now at lvl 4 I have the Battle Axe, the Handmaid's dagger in the belt and the Round Shield on the left hand.
Looking forward to lvl5 at 68 autism ratings!


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By the way, @SIGSEGV, just so you know, you are unironically autistic as fuck. I am not the only one who thinks you are a pretentious sperg who is full of himself, while what you pretend to know is skin deep. You are weak, you are always ready to dog pile as soon as the winds change or the popular kids decide on something. Nobody is impressed by you but nobody wants to deal with your stupid spergouts as soon as someone tells you what an idiot you are. Your whole profile screams of insecurity and you are one of the few sad people who actually seem to come here for community because you are a loser in real life. I did not actually mean to single you out for this specifically but you really picked yourself for this troll campaign. You took the bait like a champ, and every one of your responses was like autistic clockwork. There are people who come here who just want to have a good time and there are people like you who fulfill every stereotype about users of this site because you actually need the constant putdowns of others to feel bigger about yourself.

You're pathetic and weak. You don't get the hints and people don't want to deal with your passive-aggressive bitch out, you complete pussy, so we troll you or talk behind your back instead. It's so easy to troll you, even after everyone else got it days ago, that it is almost no fun anymore. You are a spineless e-celeb chaser and everybody cringes behind your back. Nobody is impressed by you.

Kidding. This is all a meme. I'm really upset about this thread and I hope you don't reply to it anymore to make yourself the center of ridicule.

We are at 8 pages but I think we can get this thing at least to 20. Who is with me?
Nothing like a wall of text to prove how super not mad you are. Thanks for coming back so that I can laugh at you some more, fam.
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