Poetry Callout: Write A Poem For Ahmaud Arbery

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are you dumb stupid or dumb?
True & Honest Fan
Jan 27, 2020
Ahmaud Arbery, his name was a curse,
Ahmaud Arbery, in the back of a herse.

Went up to heaven, only a hammer to his name.
Was jogging at quater past seven, then the white men came.

They fired on him unjustly, making us sad,
Now the media cries out thusly, ORANGE MAN BAD
*end bongo solo*

Prince Lotor

The mentally disabled boy named his rabbit Bunny.
Jan 19, 2018
'Never let a "Tragedy" go to waste'

He was told to stop,
But joggers can't walk.
So he kept his arms pumping,
'Cus he dindu nuffin.
And he grabbed a shotgun by the wrong end,
Over and over and over again.

He was suspected of a crime, but that doesn't align
With the mockingbird media's inventions.
Every year thousands of black men shoot thousands of black men
And the media gives not a whimper, but this one was special.
When it's black on black crime we're told it's just fine,
But he was shot by a 'White Devil'.

Bland Crumbs

Aren't you a little embarrassed?
Mar 30, 2020
There once was a thug named Ahmaud
Who was robbing the neighborhood
Some morons said hey,
Why rob in the day?
Now Ahmaud is resting for good.


Roses are red,
His tongue is blue,
He grabbed the gun,
But he dindu!


A rob-bery,

He was a jogger,
Who just wanted water,
Instead sucked off a shotgun.

Trump! Why do you hate...

Exceptionally Exceptional

True & Honest Fan
Mar 17, 2018
I posted this in the main thread about this, but fuck it, might as well post it again.

Joggy the Jigaboo,
Joggin' right towards you,
Ain't nothin' that you can do,
But fill him with a hole or two!

Joggy the Niggerman,
Joggin' with a hammer in his hand,
But you've got to defend your land,
So just take aim and blam blam blam!


A Leading Source of Experimental Internet Gas
Jan 16, 2017
There once was a trespassing nigga
Who cut a suspicious figure
So a redneck and son
Pulled out a shotgun
Aimed it and just pulled the trigger


Gods chosen
May 15, 2020
A punch in the face for thee,
A shotgun in the stomach for me
A jogging while nogging for all to see
A rummage through construction sites ohhh eeee.
May a white man pick my casket,
While the mainstream media makes you ask it,
What makes a negro grow? A knee.

Thank you.