Pokemon Concept Artist Keiko Moritsugu Wants Anime to End Fan Service, Says Industry Needs to be More Like Disney and Marvel - Japanese woman declares that anime industry needs to go woke, gets told to take that crap back to America.

Zeke Von Genbu

BRINGER OF CHAOS (Art by KF user: FroggyMan)

Keiko Moritsugu, a Pokemon concept artist and character designer as well as CG artist for Doraemon, took to Twitter to criticize the Anime industry and it’s willingness to service fans. She went on to condemn the sexy fan service seen in much of Anime.

She also stated that she wished the industry would evolve like Disney and Marvel by “interweaving” social issues within their products.

Keiko Moritsugu took to Twitter on the issue. Using Google Translate it reads:

“The ability to update the quality of Disney and Marvel movies every year is something that has become a contentious issue in the real world. Japan anime can’t do that anymore. “If you mix the erotica, you can fool the geeks, right? Because I’m making in the methodology.”
One Angry Gamer’s translation provides a bit more detail.
“Disney and Marvel films are in a position where each year they improve their quality, because they take actual societal issues and incorporate them into the middle of the script while interweaving them into difficult criticisms of the world.
Japanese animated films are not capable of doing that at this time.
How do we blend in erotic fan-service to swindle otaku out of their money?’ seems to be the current methodology to produce content in Japan.”
As you’d expect, Moritsugu’s message resonated with the growing Social Justice elements trying to influence the Japanese anime industry. Her comment received over 2,500 likes and over a thousand retweets.

With one user agreeing to a point about the change they believed should happen in Anime but stating that Marvel and Dinsey wasn’t the way:

Moritsugu Keiko took her message further. She would point to the movie Zootopia as an example. She said that if it were made in Japan people would be up in arms claiming it was made for minorities and feminists

Translation provided by OAG’s Sankaku:
“These days, if you made a movie like Zootopia in Japan, I think people would get all worked up about it online, and say things like ‘Kill the feminists!’ and ‘Wait, this movie was only made to please minorities.’ But there’s nothing wrong with that happening. That shows that a movie has social relevance.”
Moritsugu Keiko would go on to be critical of other issues related to anime. She specifically took issue with the exaggeration of breast jiggling in animation as well what she views as the refusal of the industry to take a deeper looked at gendered relationships.

Fellow industry professional, Yabai Kankei, was having none of it. She was very blunt in her view of Anime and told Moritsugu that Anime wasn’t a place for people to be reminded of social issues. And that she should take her SJW agenda back to the United States:

Moritsugu would block Kankei on Twitter.

Another user, PrinceCaim chimed in and spoke amount the SJW influence on American mediums. He felt that agendas should be kept out of all mediums:

Kankei had a very strong suggestion about what’s going on in America:

Other users also praised Kankei for taking a stand to protect Anime and its heritage of fanservice: User Spriggangirl praised Kankie, stating(Paraphrasing the translation) “Way to go! Someone making sense about the social justice trash!”

Anime in recent years, like video games, has seen a growing social justice movement within the industry.

We’ve seen rumblings of this in January, when a number outlets refused to review Crunchyroll and Kadokawa’s The Rising of the Shield Hero. In fact, not only did a number of outlets refuse to review the show, but they attacked the show for including a false rape allegation as a plot point. Kadokawa Producer Junichiro Tamura would address the “controversy” revealing there isn’t one in Japan. “We in Japan do not see these anime as controversial, so we will continue to produce more content like Shield Hero.”

In fact, just last month, it was revealed the novel and manga adaptation of the The Rising of the Shield Hero had printed over 6.2 million copies in Japan since it first hit the market in August 2013. Yusagi had previously reported that the novel and manga series had been printed over 4 million times on February 25,2019. That means there have been 1.2 million printings in less than 2 months!

Rising of the Shield Hero is not the only anime to face criticism. Sword Art Online author Reki Kawahara allegedly noted that he should write stories with “political correctness” in mind after visiting fans in the West.

What do you make of Keiko Moritsugu’s opinions on the anime industry? Do you think the industry needs to change? Or do you agree with her detractors that the social justice agenda should be kept out of anime?
I didn't bother putting any of screencaps of the Japanese tweets from the article because most people aren't going to read them anyway when translations already exist in the article.

On the article itself, animators in Japan are already near poverty to begin with, due to crappy business practices, now we want to add woke culture into the mix with its seemingly natural gravitational pull towards bankruptcy? I'm sure that'll go well.

Zeke Von Genbu

BRINGER OF CHAOS (Art by KF user: FroggyMan)
Here's her Bulbapedia article. If this is accurate, then she's barely even a contributor to Pokemon art, little more than a footnote.
I dug around for that specific Heatran card, it is from a Pokemon TCG set that was released back in July 2009 almost 10 years ago. Has this woman done basically nothing else that is popular in the last decade, that we had to use "Pokemon Concept Artist" in the loosest way possible to get people to care?


Fix animated profile pics @Null you gutless mothe
So according to Bulbapedia she only illustrated one card and help come up the design for one pokemon (shitmon imho), how is this even news worthy?

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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I quite like it when anime deals with political or social issues - stuff like Jin-Roh or Planetes. If anything, I really dislike this dichotomous attitude that either "Anime must never have fanservice" or "Anime must never have politics." Both are tools that can be used to create a more enjoyable experience, but at the same time they can be used as crutches for bad writing. Shoehorning in social issues doesn't automatically make something good - such as Darling in the FranXX deciding to promote this weird environmentalist message out of nowhere right at the end, or GATE literally just being Japanese propaganda. Much like fanservice randomly being thrown in, social issues just being haphazardly injected into anime can be very annoying to watch.

I dunno, fanservice can be good, politics can be good. Just make more good anime.

Marco Fucko

the most impatient man on the planet
how is this even news worthy?
Because the woke sector of weebs will be like "oh yes, I agree that pantyshots are rape culture" and all the people sick of their shit will tell them to fuck off, giving them credibility in each others eyes.

I can sympathize with the desire to not have gratuitous sexualization of characters that are largely teenage, however I also support muh artistic freedumb and if a bunch of manchildren want to look at ornate lingerie then why bother them? It's not like most of these incels are going to go to a high school and pick themselves up a girlfriend or anything.

Save the Loli

"Needs to be More Like Disney and Marvel" - Isn't the world bland enough already?
You're saying an industry whose productions nowadays are mostly shitty isekai/harem bullshit and watered down knockoffs of better shows isn't bland? For the same reasons too--the suits want safe crap they know sells, and no one takes risks anymore.
So they should try to please China? Good luck with that.
That's exactly what they're doing because China hates fanservice. Unfortunately, China hates social issues be it minorities (don't want the Uyghurs/Tibetans getting any ideas) or homos (portraying homosexuality is obscenity in China).

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