Pokemon Go Fans Have Autistic Meltdown + Boycott Due to Dev Changes

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Nov 19, 2015
As some of you may or may not be aware, Pokemon Go developer Niantic, made changes to help players distance themselves during the pandemic. This introduced quality of life changes to the game that went over well with the community. In June Niantic openly communicated their intent to revert those changes. They did what they said they were going to and reverted the game back to it's original state and Pokemon Go fans are losing their shit prompting a boycott and hastag trending #PokemonNoDay and #boycottniantic.

This is gaining some traction from gaming websites such as Polygon, Gizmodo, and Kotaku of course (lol) as well as many more.

By in large the "community" aka people on Twitter are spreading around hilarious propaganda pieces that say the changes affect the disabled and autistic people:


It's about as cringe as I think you can get. Here are some of the gems I've found on Twitter by searching the hastags...

This person is using their disabled son as a scapegoat and deflection about liking to play the game:


Tranny dialating over it:

Based wojak poster:

Getting Chris-Chan vibes here:


The changes are INVASIVE I tell you, INVASIVE!

"We deserve a response"

Meeting your wife through Pokemon Go is a step below meeting your wife on the Farms



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Mar 21, 2017
Anyone who has ever participated in a "one day boycott" should probably consider suicide. Can't even imagine putting down their bing bing for more than 24 hours, legitimately subhuman tube baby slave soul having snail men. Truly the nintenyearold is one of the lowest forms of life.

I'm just blown away by the absolute lunacy of that many people being upset about a fucking Pokemon game.
Pressuming it's like <5% of players bitching, I'm pretty surprised pokemon go still has that many players. Mobile may be big, but it's also fickle.
Is this more or less pathetic than those homunculi that held a 12hr COD pre-purchase boycott a few years back? Their threat really was "We're going to wait an additional 12hrs before unconditionally purchasing your product massa"

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Jan 2, 2020
Why does anyone over the age of like, 15 even play Pokemon anymore?
The new games are shit. The older games, and even some fanhacks, are better. I gave up on Pokemon after UltraSun/UltraMoon because as soon as Sword/Shield was announced, I saw the oncoming trainwreck immediately.

Regarding Pokemon Go, it was fun when it was first released, but not only was popularity taking a nosedive by the time the 2nd gen pokemon were added, but they were removing pokestops to where it's fucking pointless playing in rural/suburbian areas unless you shelled out your scheckles for the items you would normally get at said pokestops.


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Sep 26, 2019
I played this game a whole lot last year, the early days of the shutdown were some of the best times to ever play due to streets in big cities being heavily deserted, especially if you played at night or into the morning. I even thought about writing a big elaborate thread, came up with some goofy ideas, but I couldn't quite pull it all together to make something interesting and funny enough.

Anyway, the big hullabaloo surrounding the changes over Corona-chan and how they're being reverted now comes down to how you could hit Pokéstops and gyms from farther away. This actually made the game a hell of a lot better. All of the Pokéstops are user-submitted, either brought over from Ingress or from users who hit level 40 in Go itself, and the submission process has you manually place the marker on a Google Earth overview on exactly where the point of interest is. By default, the game starts you wherever it thinks your GPS is locating you, which can be finicky for all sorts of reasons. And since most people don't give a shit and just want to move on, since you have to do this while you're out and about, most stops end up in somewhat off places that may or may not be reachable from the road.

While you're not actually intended to play from your car, most people do, as anyone outside of a huge, dense city more or less has to. If you live in a city with a population under 100k, you'll probably have as many stops & gyms in your entire city as someone living in downtown NYC has in a couple of miles' radius. And since individual stops and gyms aren't actually that rewarding on their own, it's not worth it to park somewhere, get out, hit the stop, get back in your car, and drive to the next one. So, the Coronavirus changes actually fixed that problem. It's not like it was broken and you could hit a gym clear across the map, but it certainly made the game much, much more palatable.

Beforehand, there were some really retarded situations where you could be standing exactly where the marker should be, but your avatar would just not walk over to it, therefore making it unable to hit unless you got lucky and your GPS quirked out and managed to run him close enough over to it. This would happen in places like malls, where interference from the building's structure would muck up your signal. This also got fixed with the Coronavirus changes.

To make matters worse, many new rare Pokémon only show up in gym raids, which require a number of people to all show up to the same gym at the same time, attack the boss, and then get a chance (not guaranteed) to catch it. Remote raids are staying in the game, but remote raids need remote raid passes. How do you get remote raid passes? Well, they're occasionally handed out for free, but if you run out, you can buy a new three pack of them for 250 Penis Coins. How do you get more Penis Coins? You get 50 a day as long as you have at least one Pokémon in a gym, but due to gyms only holding up to 6 Pokémon at a time, you can, and will, get booted out all the time. Sometimes instantly, if you try to drop off somewhere where some obsessive faggot camps. So, the other way to obtain them is by coughing up your real-life lucre. After all, this is a freemium game. So, if you wanna raid, and not cough up cash, you gotta hike your fat ass down to your nearest gym, where you might not be able to just park and play like you used to. In the middle of a very hot and humid summer, while Corona-chan's making a comeback.

So, the distance reduction actually does make this already somewhat broken game all-around worse. Boycotting it in protest, though? I guess those tards need to see for themselves just how effective vidya boycotts are:

boycott modern warfare 2.jpg

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Aug 2, 2021
PokeGo had some potential. If they kept the core Pokemon gameplay (party of 6, 4 moves each) and alloweed PvP it would have been a really nice PvP game. Instead, they made the combat into 'tap the screen like a retard' and did away with the PvP.

I'm not sorry.


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Dec 18, 2019
Yeah I agree the changes to distance suck, the game is really stingy with distance plus as pissmaster said, the GPS can mess up and position your character elsewhere.

PokeGo had some potential. If they kept the core Pokemon gameplay (party of 6, 4 moves each) and alloweed PvP it would have been a really nice PvP game. Instead, they made the combat into 'tap the screen like a retard' and did away with the PvP.

I'm not sorry.
They added "trainer battles" in late 2018 or so, a "competitive" matchmaking mode last year as well. You select three pokemon and tap like a retard, the team building can be fun but there are several aspects the make the experience unfun (lag and bugs being the biggest ones)
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