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Reminds me of that medieval war in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew which has sort of stuck with me as an interesting piece of lore (actual war? In non-modern times?) but that was apparently in Kanto.
Ah I remember that. It was a good nod to the wars that happened between the Daiymo in Japan's shogunate period. It added a depth that despite being a different world, humanity was still the same old humanity.


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If it’s set in the UK do we get a rapidly increasing enemy Team Allahu that only has Pokémons that know self destruct?

(To the point that later in the game they’re EVERYWHERE)

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Game Freak should literally just add this pokemon, the fire starter from from Pokemon Clover ( 4chan's /vp/'s Fire Red romhack)


Going a little less into meme territory, I can see the enemy team be inspired by 70s/80s Punk movement, especially in the hair department.
As for Scorbunny I can see either going Fire/Steel as the evolution types, but more notably going for a more Footballer theme (think Inanuma Eleven)


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Also I was thinking...a dragon Eeveelution would make the most sense because folklore and I guess Wales.


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Gee, sure isn't much groundbreaking news is there? Literally everything outside the Region and Starters are just leak rumors.

I at least approve of armored evolution.
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Today was the Pokémon Go Community Day for Treecko. Instead of 10am til 1pm they shifted it from 3pm to 6pm.

I caught 19 of the shiny bastards. What the fuck am I going to do with them besides hoard them like some sort of crazy Treecko lady.

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